Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crazy Jewish Group wants Fox to Fire the Best Friend the Jews have, Yes, Glenn Beck!

Instead of embracing the few friends the Jewish people have in the world, this crazy and self hating  Jewish group garneres 10,000 signatures on a petition asking the Fox News Channel to fire political commentator Glenn Beck! 
How sick and perverted is this? When are we ever going to learn?

I don’t know if its 2,000 years of Jewish guilt or something in our DNA but the Jewish people have a history of being our own worst enemies.
This discusting  Group "Jewish Funds for Justice" is funded by the self - hating Jew and the biggest hater of the State of Israel George Soros

Soros in a conversation about the Holocaust, where millions of his brothers and sisters were being tortured and murdered, actually made the following  bizzare and sick comment:

"It was actually, probably the happiest year of my life -  that year of German occupation.  For me it was a very positive experience.  It’s a strange thing, because you see incredible suffering all around you, and in fact, you are in considerable danger yourself.  But you’re fourteen years old and you don’t believe that it can actually touch you. You have a belief in yourself, you have a belief in your father. It’s a very happy making exhilarating experience."

The group JFSJ is funded by this monster!
See Soros' Foundation grant $150,000 to JFSJ!

Now see Soros granting these fools $200,000.00

Other than doing some community organizing in some synagogues, they do nothing to help their Jewish brethren....they are also involved with the Arab Organization, CAIR, that were declared unindicted co-conspirators in the 9/11 attacks in the US

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