Monday, January 10, 2011

Media Frenzy Accuses Talk Radio, Republicans & Palin!!

Left wing Pima County Sheriff Dupnik was quick to blame “right wing rhetoric” and talk radio for the Arizona massacre without a shred of evidence. He made the allegation once again today on Fox News, but Megyn Kelly called him out. He then launched into a full blown lefty screed about Republicans “blocking efforts” by Democrats to “make this a better country.”

Journalists urged caution after Ft. Hood, now race to blame Palin after Arizona shootings

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

After the Ft. Hood shooting, Chris Matthews went out of his way to find reasons other than radical Islam for the shooting. And he haAd a representative of CAIR on his show for the express purpose of keeping people from jumping to conclusions about the Muslims. 

Today, in stark contrast, Mr. Matthews assigned motive and direct cause for the Tucson shooting.

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