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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rabbi quietly prays near the Gaza border, and each time he does Hamas tunnels mysteriously collapse

Rabbi Shriki prays at the fence. (Photo: הרב נתנאל שריקי שליט''א Facebook page)
Rabbi Shriki prays at the fence. (Photo: הרב נתנאל שריקי שליט”א Facebook page)
In the last two months, nine tunnels have collapsed, leading Hamas tunnel workers to refuse to even enter the tunnels…they are scared and they are openly admitting this

 Students of Rabbi Shriki told Haredi 10 they have witnessed him go out to the fields pray for the tunnels to collapse, and each time, a collapse has been reported.
“This is already not a case of a string of circumstantial accidents,” the students told Haredi 10. “Five times in a row he went out to pray for the tunnels to collapse, and each time, it happened.”
The rabbi went out to the fence to pray last Thursday morning, and by the afternoon, it was announced in the media that another tunnel had collapsed.
About a month ago, some soldiers asked to take part in the prayers but the IDF refused and Rabbi Shriki was left alone at the fence. But the rabbi continued, undaunted.
Even the enemy has taken notice of Rabbi Shriki’s influence with the Heavens. 
Last week, the Palestinian Authority media published a story about the rabbi who prays for the tunnels to collapse.
Rabbi Shriki is the grandson of the Rabbi Shalom Ifergen, known as the Baba Shalom, a well-known kabbalist whose hilula (celebration commemorating the anniversary of his passing) draws thousands of participants every year. Rabbi Shriki runs the charity organization Tehila Shalom, which provides food for families in need.


Sam Kay said...

Ein Nes LeTzionim ... There are no miracles for Zionists ... this must be the works of The Satan ...

Anonymous said...

Did he also have in his pocket a remote control to a detonator?