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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Zionist Company Invents Bandage That Stops Uncontrolled Bleeding in Minutes, EU and Satmar Boycotting product

So I have a question to the EU and Satmar....
Are you going to allow your followers bleed to death? or are you going to hold your big noses and buy the product? Hmmmm?
Another question: Satmar boycotts El AL and would even fly with the German Luftwaffa why not boycott the bandage, isn't your SHIT'ah in reference to the Zionists, "yehareh v'al yaavor, better die than deal with Zionists?

An Israeli company called Core Scientific Solutions has invented a new bandage that stops uncontrolled bleeding. The bandage is called WoundClot and it aims to save lives by stopping bleeding in the field and in hospitals from stab and gunshot wounds.
If not treated quickly, profuse bleeding can lead to a rapid death
When professional help is not available to stop bleeding by applying pressure, this bandage can be used with very little training..
Dr. Shani Eliyahu Gross, part of the development team, says the bandage is able to stop the bleeding within minutes, without the need to apply pressure.
“It comes in a long ribbon. When we place it into the wound, in this case it is only water, but when it is exposed to liquids, this product starts to absorb enormous amount of blood and then it transforms into a gel state”, Gross explains.
The more blood the bandage absorbs, the quicker it clots, and the bandage is stable for 24 hours. The creators of WoundClot say that is enough time to get patients, like wounded soldiers, to the hospital.
“These products allows us to treat very severe bleeding in the field, with minimum amount of, I would say, training, with minimum amount of interfering with the regular medical treatment or protocols that are used today”, said Company CEO Yuval Yaskil.
The company says it’s providing WoundClot to Israeli police forces and the army and selling it to hospitals for as little as $10 per bandage.
Watch the video HERE

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Echter yid said...

When did satmar care if someone is bleeding? or bleeding to death,? That's why they want to boycott it especially when its not marijuana, satmar will only fight to legalize marijuana and to make it kosher,? They don't care about bandages what could save lives,? They care about abisele marijuana lekuved Shabbat,?