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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

YU Book Sale Bans Kahane Books But Sells Books by Reform & Conservative Rabbis

Since I love Seforim, I made it my business to go this year to the largest Jewish book sale in North America: The Annual Yeshiva University Seforim Sale.

At the sale I noticed that there were close to 10,000 titles, including the book Beyond Reasonable Doubt written by Louis Jacobs who rejects Torah Me' Sinai. I also found the book David by David Wolpe who has said that Yestzias Mitzrayim was a myth. 

I found Books written by R' Yoel Teitelbaum, who wrote books denying that RBS"O gave Jews Eretz Yisroel in our time , a land that he says is Tumeh and bizarrely , he states, that America is Holy?

But lo and behold, I couldn't find any books that were written by the holy martyr Rabbi Meir Kahane z"l. 
Rabbi Kahana loved Eretz Yisroel, advocated that the Government of Israel not give back one inch .... loved every single Jew and gave his life for the Jewish people, yet his book was nowhere to be found. 
Books of haters of Israel according to YU is ok to sell, but Seforim written by Holy Jews ... no?

After inquiring further, I subsequently found out that Sarah Sheps, the sale's marketing director, said, that Rabbi Kenneth Brander, the vice president for university and community life at YU,  was responsible for the ban!
 Guys, call the CEO of the Seforim Sale, Nisim Franco
(707) 572-5398

So my friends, looks like YU and Satmar are colluding ...
Strange bedfellows! 


YU - Torah Madua said...

Wow, so Kenny Brander actually has time to focus on Kahane? I thought he was quite busy covering up for YU molesters that there wasn't much other time to devote.

Anonymous said...

Where does the Satmar rebbe zt'l call America holy?