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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Satmar Dayan Hillel Weinberger Speakes Like a Pervert to Thousands of Yeshiva Students!

Satmar Bais Din

There is a lot of molestation and sexual activity, homosexuality to be specific,  rampant in the Satmar Mosdos, Rachamana litzlan.

This is of course natural since there is a total separation of the sexes in their daily life to the point that if you would pick up any Chareidie Newspaper, be it English or Yiddish, you wouldn't know that women even exist ....
A planet of men only .... similar to the movie "The Planet of the Apes!"

The women cannot even have  makeup on when they walk the streets..And must wear stockings that the Satmar Rebbe an expert on women legs, designated. 
The Satmar Oilim call them "bulletproof stockings"

The Streets are also gender separated, just like in Saudi Arabia!
They blame women in Kol Koras for all the tragedies that have befallen the Chareidie Jewish Tzibur! 

Not only is there a separation of the sexes, the boys have a tradition of going to the mikva every single day, sometimes even twice a day, and the mikva has become a hotbed of homosexuality and molestation!
The Nuchem Rosenberg Blog  is a direct result of this phenomena. 

So to stem the epidemic, they sent out the "chuchem" Dayan Hillel Weinberger to talk to the teenagers.

There is an audio of the speech that Weinberger gave in the Queens Satmar Moised, that went viral.
In that speech, the Dayan tells the impressionable boys that what they have "between their legs is kodesh kedashim" and cannot be "touched by the boy or other boys, and cannot even be thought about"

Instead of addressing the issue with dignity, like a Talmud Chochum, this uncivilized barbarian spoke to young  teenagers like filthy pervert! 

Hillel Weinberger's Rebbe,The Satmar Rebbe, R' Yoel Teitelbaum z"l, once spoke before Kol Nidrei Night and was describing the "bullet proof" stockings on the holiest night of the year... 
can you imagine sitting with your tallis over your head and listening to this? 
 I'm sure that after that "chizuk" drasha the entire Tzibbir couldn't help but think about the legs of women while klapping "Al Cheit" !

So the apple hasn't fallen too far from the tree, and Hillel Weinberger got his jollies off watching the boys stare at him while he was describing what's "between their legs" 
Good Shabbos!


Abe said...

Where can we listen to the speech. Can you provide a link?

Echter yid said...

If they called down this garbage reb hillel wienberger to Queens yeshiva to talk to the ,,bucherim,,about what's behind their legs ? And its kodesh hakedushim,? It must be that the satmar Queens yeshiva is fasted with pedophiles bucherim are having gay sex between themselves,? What happened now that they had to bring down ,hillel ( milech kestel) wienberger? To talk about the penises about the erva,? I am very afraid that the yeshiva has a major major problem ? Something very very bad is going on between the bucherim,? It became a satmar gay yeshiva, (2) this garbage hilel wienberger, is the same person who was holding a derusha in Williamsburg Brooklyn against the Williamsburg eruv, and said that if we see a woman a ( eshu keshieru ) carrying in Williamsburg with the eruv,? We should ignore them we should look at them like (,melech kestlech,?) He called the Williamsburg frum married woman who are carrying with the eruv? milk boxes , who is at all to call a Jewish woman a yiddisha vieble milk box,? And what is he,? A fat pig talking dirty to teenagers nothing more?

Brisker said...

There are a lot of Satmar excesses & meshugassen that you could focus on. I'm not sure what R' Hillel did wrong here as the alter seforim geared to teens speak the same semi-discreet way. Teenage boys have issues and they cannot be 100% ignored. There are other chassidussen who probably do 100% ignore it which is wrong.

Romanisher Ferd said...

What Satmar needs to worry about is the outcome of bucherim they varf aroiss fin yeshiva, like Shmilu Levovitz.

Dusiznies said...

He absolutely did wrong by speaking like a street girl.
It's one thing writing in a sefer its a totally different ball of wax when you speak like that!
I did not knock the fact that they are addressing this ...what I'm trying to convey is the way it was done.

Anonymous said...

Echter Yid,

You are only making a fool out of yourself by trying to imitate that criminally insane sex maniac and pervert Nuchem
also please try to use SPELLCHECK when writing,as your grammar and spelling is atrocious

browser said...

DIN,why would you expect anything better from a Romanian ignorant savage barbarian ?,his so called REBBE (both of them Zalman and Aron) are not much better,listening to some of their DRASHAS you can literally throw up

Brisker said...

I didn't hear the recording but he could have been quoting from a sefer like Pelle Yoetz. He also might have inadvertently used an awkward choice of words. Rav Basch from Torah Temimah once arrived late to a Bris and blurted out: "Nu, der shnit is shoin gemacht?" Even the Lakewood rosh yeshiva R' Yisroel Neuman whose Yiddish is not perfect altz his Baltimore upbringing once spoke befarhesya of R' Aron Kotler's rebbitzen going in people's "pants" because he confused haiz with hoizen.

There is a better reason to go after R' Hillel Weinberger, because he signed the phony cherem on Rosenberg that they don't like the way Rosenberg speaks. The halacha in Shulchan Aruch is einer vos macht a falshe cherem is put in cherem alein.

chayam13 said...

Rabbi Hillel wienberger did explain for the bucherim what they have between there legs.. every teen age'r knows very well what he has there.. he only told them what's wrong with playing or touching there..

It's very interesting that when thousands of kids are being touched and raped by older people and as a direct result we have hundreds and hundreds of suicidels in our community, and everythig is fine everyone is quiet.. that's not a problem at all.. but God forbid someone should get up and say to big boys that what you have there is private and don't let anyone touch you there and not even look there he is the problem.. I get it.. aha I get it..

Mr' Rosenberg is right when he says that all of the complainers are themselves pig's, probably including the one who wrote this article..

When I hear a speech about heavy socks for women I don't think what's between their legs as this page who wrote the article probably dose..

Satmar raddi Hakodosh r' yoel tietekbium also spoke about the heavy socks and the long wigs before kol nidray..

Now I hope no one will try to tell me that the person who wrote this article is has even 5% of the holiness and smatrt's that Rabbi yoel tietelboum had..

furthermore I wonder what the one who wrote this article thinks after he learns in the Talmud (if he does ever learn)about this stuff which is pretty Graphic described many times, and someone who wants to use it as a xxx can easily do that..

bottom line everyone hears what he wants to hear, it only shows what's in your head..

In the non Jewish world they talked about it openly to young kids to educate them so pedophiles cannot lay their hands on them so freely, but for some reason in the Jewish community we pushed that subject under the rug, but not everyone the pigs was still out there, and because there was no push back they had a free ride for many years.. and it seems like the pigs on are scared that the good old days are coming to an end..

Yes it does happen between guys Gay stuff and between the girls lesbian stuff.. that's human nature when you put them together without the other sexes and that's why the holy Rabbi off Satmer instructed the teachers and principals to do talk about this things openly and frequently.. to bring out the big sind to play around with that part of your body..

We just finished the 7 weeks of שובבים ת"ת, which is considered a Holly time to pray and for תשובה, every week by של"ש the satmar rabbi spoke mostly about doing tsuveh and staying away from the חטא הידוע.. I assume that anyone with a dirty mind would take out from his speeches does the opposite what he was saying..

chayam13 said...

My comment was not approved I guess the world who are supposed to improvement are also part of the Pings who feel threatened by the new push back...

Echter yid said...

So my question is,why when reb nuchem Rosenberg was talking about sexual abuse and brought it up on the front burner,? He brought awareness to this problem,? and about shichvas zera levatulah, he will be put in a chierim, he will be ostracize and shunned, but this menuval hillel wienberger why was he aloud to talk about this stuff at all,? So wasn't nuchem Rosenberg right about all this problems ?

Chabadsker said...

If we talk about sex on national TV then vos iz shlecht to refer to a woody in front of a few bochurim?

Chabadsker said...

There was by the way a Satmar eyewitness to the menuvol who grabbed & kissed the Syrian Bais Yaakov girl on Ave R

Echter yid said...

Again why was he aloud to talk to them not the proper way ? But when nuchem Rosenberg spoke about this for years he was being put in a chierem,?ostracized? Why suddenly satmar ,zuliku, felt okay to bring the milk box ruv hilel wienberger to their own Queens yeshiva and spoke about the problems happening for a very very long long time ( like what's happening in every yeshiva ) why are we always waiting till the problem is getting out of control?Or till the balloon is busting ? And then we will bring someone to talk about the problems? So let's admit wasn't nuchem Rosenberg right till today?

william gran said...

I agree that guy is a real animal but then again that's what satmar likes

william gran said...

Why u so sure whos holier and smarter than who only god knows that

william gran said...

Guess because weinberger is richer and/or more connected in the community there's no emes anymore esp in willy so that must be it

Anonymous said...

Echter Yid.
Why are you obsessed with this criminally insane sex maniac and pervert Nuchesh Rosenberg who has been vomited out from KLALL YISROEL

Badchan said...

The Weinberger tape was censored that you can't hear the bucherim humming in the background while listening to the shmeez about privata parts

Echter yid said...

To you anonymous, if nuchem Rosenberg is a pervert or not ? If nuchem Rosenberg has been vomit out of ,klal yisroel,? I no one thing , that reb nuchem Rosenberg saved the world of klal yisroel,?, little dose your mind understand (unfortunately I no very very much today ) how right reb nuchem Rosenberg was,? And unfortunately the problem of sexual abuse was bigger than anyone thought ? Till reb nuchem Rosenberg didn't came out with his hotline and awareness ? Sexual abuse was a magiefah, in our Jewish Hasidic communities, we had from the holiest of the holiest being pedophiles ,,rabunim did it,,melamdim, magedie shiurim, did it ,,parents of children unfortunately terribly molested their own children,? We had the biggest askunim vedayunim, who terrible molested children,?, we have now a case where a very( prominent chushiver dayan in Williamsburg Brooklyn yes a satmar dayan ) who terribly molested,2,of his own daughters okay,?, Sexual abuse was a disease by klal yisroel,? I am crying for pain that it was a crime to ostracized and shunned reb nuchem Rosenberg ?even the Catholic church had this huge problem,? the Catholic church,had hundreds and hundreds of bishops and priest's who molested thousands and thousands of Catholic children, the difference between us and the Catholic church is ? The Catholic church admitted for their crimes,? But we not only we will not admit about us having this huge problem , (that the shensteh yid could be the biggest pedophile,?) But we will be supporting pedophiles and degrading victims, from shunning them to ostracized them, (2) they called up reb hilel milk kestlech wienberger to talk to the satmar bucherim in Queens yeshiva about what they have between their legs is holy? you no why they called him to talk about it,? because there was already a magiefah of bucherim having sex between themselves,,okay? But reb nuchem Rosenberg is crazy right,? Because he was talking about this problem for years yes for years he brought awareness to this problems,? Now is good,?? Now its better that yeshivas are finding themselves in huge problems of gay sex ? What a shame for ostracizing reb nuchem Rosenberg,?

Echter yid said...

,2,weeks ago Shabbat I was by a shulem zucher, okay? its shocking how much married man admitted by the (shulem zucher) to be a victim of sexual abuse when they where young? There was yungerliet admitting to be a victim of their own father? ,and of other family members,? Rabosie we are holding in a time where we can not trust nobody with our children,? Not a father or a grand father, not a brother and not a uncle not a cousin, no one, keep your eyes open, sexual abuse in families is a very very big and huge problem, its called ,incest, ,79 percent of children who are molested today are unfortunately from incest So to you anonymous just make sure that you no one thing how to bash the Israeli government? Keep calling them tziyonim? Besides that you don't have to no anything,? Please please don't don't educate your children about their private parts? Please don't you should only educate your children about the medinah ? Let hilel Weinberger educate your children on a nice way