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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Oded Guez like "Bugeye" Kin refuses to give "get" gets fired from Bar Ilan

Oded Guez
What's up with arrogant mamzeirim like Bugeye Kin and Professor Guez?
We have to thank the RBS"O every single minute that we have a Medina that takes action. If not we would have "les din Ve'les Dayan" just like in the USA!

The Rabbinical High Court of Appeals in Jerusalem has made the unusual decision to excommunicate, Oded Guez, a physicist at Tel Aviv University, for refusing to give his wife a get for the past four years.

They also ordered the publication of his name, photo and personal details.

The Rabbinical High Court of Appeals last week issued a herem – a writ of banishment — against Oded Guez, a physicist at Bar Ilan University, because he had refused to give his wife a divorce, the Ynet news website reported Friday.

The university said Guez had already been suspended from working at the institute’s physics department a year ago, Haaretz reported.
The herem says Guez is not to be honored, hosted, allowed to attend synagogue or even be asked as to his health or visited at home if he is ill, among other prohibitions, “until he relents from his stubbornness and listens to his betters and he unchains his wife and gives her a get [religious divorce].”
The unusual sentence was issued after Guez failed to show up for a hearing. He had appealed against the rabbinical court’s ruling last year to publish his name but lost at the High Court of Justice.


Echter yid said...

Thank hashem that we have in Israel such a rabbinic court as rabbinical court of appeals in Israel somebody has to make a good job on such animals ?, that's why we have in Israel the rabbinical court of appeals ,and kull hakavod to them,

Anonymous said...

"If not the medina we would have les din veles Dayan, This farkakta medina have stated clearly in their megilas hayesod that les din veles Dayan there's no such thing as din vedayan and btw shabbos zachor is in a few weeks and as usual we'll hear the announcement before the parshes amalek to have in mind Zionism and the Zionist ideology TIMCHA ES ZECHER AMALEK

Dusiznies said...

Don't forget when you have in mind the Zionist by "TIMCHA ES ZECHER AMALEK" to have your entire family in mind ...

Echter yid said...

To you mental anonymous,, I am positive that when you where young you learned in ,satmar, yeshiva, your behavior and your comments are all the satmar hate, but let's not forget that we have today satmar ,boys,girls, married couples, who are, mechalelie shabusim, and on drugs, yes even with, shpitzlech, go and blame the medinah,? And speed down the .B.Q.E. with hundreds of speeding cars with fake license plates, and fake cherry lights, and put every American driver who are driving with the states speeding limits American drivers who are obeying by the law put them in harm's way because someone with the name ,zalmen lieb tietlebaum, is on his way to Kennedy airport ,? But last week your news paper with the name (der yid/goy/) was full of crocodile tears crying why every one was bashing and talking against all this speeding cars from reb zalmen lieb,? They tried to compare him to a king, and they claimed that a king would be escorted with an entire escort to the airport, what a joke they compare, zalmen lieb to a king ,,ha ha ha ha Yes maby he is a king pin of the satmar gangs

Yisroel Meir K said...

Is his name Oded Guez or Od Buguyez?