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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Monsey Meshiginer wants to force Supermarkets to have "Men Only Hours"

Guys ..... Monsey is going down the drain faster than water...
A crazed lunatic posted in "Monsey Shuls" suggesting Monsey Supermarkets have "Separate Shopping Hours"

The meshiginer that posted, calls himself
"slmw" helping_our_community"

Hey "slmw" helping_our_community" can help "our community" by checking into the nearest "funny farm" 

The Taliban at work .... right here in Rockland County! 


Anonymous said...

Gateshead shops do not have separate times for men and women, only for Yeshiva bochurim and sem girls

Anonymous said...

would not be surprised if this same MESHUGENER is one nice day arrested for abusing little children,most of these ignorant savages who are busy all day long with women and tznius issues,are nothing but insane sex maniacs who are obsessed with sex all day long,thEY all need to be locked up in an insane asylum for the criminally insane

Anonymous said...

I have a better idea. Instead of all us getting stuck behind these assholes with wic and food stamps and their hand written credit card numbers, have one checkout lane for them. Let them see what its like waiting for 30 mins behind someone sorting thru the coupons, etc.
And seriously, do you need to bring all 10-15 kids to "help" you shop?

And a note to the yentas - you know who you are. Park ur carts to your right, not in middle of the aisles. Also, if you need to have a chat with some other yenta, dont decide to block everyone's way. If you need to discuss what a great shidduch Yoily is for Shprintzie, do it somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

This fellow is right. They should have different times for shopping. Who needs today's modern orthodox yentas walking around in your face with skirts above the knees. A jewish woman with a skirt shorter than four inches below the knee is a slut. And she will cook in hell.