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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hillary wins South Carolina

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Echter yid said...

Oh va voi, what will the fruma people like,skver,satmar,agudas yisroel,and other Hasidic community leaders do if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency,? (1) she is a woman will they be able to shake hands with her,? (2) she promised that if she becomes president the first thing what she will do is ,? Legalizing same-sex marriage, gay marriage,? So I wonder will the the fruma communities like both satmars come out this time when it comes to vote for a president? Will they be busy about their vote blocks ?,will they force all Williamsburg yidden who are ,18,years and up to go out and vote for Hillary ? Or they will acknowledge that they have a huge problem with Hillary Clinton's endorsing gay marriage,? I understand that for the big shot Ezra Friedlander it wouldn't and it shouldn't be a big deal of a problem? I wonder to see what will play out this time when it comes to vote for a president,? What would satmar do,? Especially skvere chasidim when they had big favors from her and her husband when Bill Clinton was still president,? When it came to bail out skvere gangsters from prison,?