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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Failed Messiah Closes Blog

Rumors are flying around the Frum community, into what prompted Failed Messiah owner Shmarya Rosenberg to write a final post and say that he is closing his infamous blog down.
Strong speculation is that the noted philanthropist and leading Baal Tzedakah in Klal Yisroel, R’ Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz had a hand in the deal.

Who Knows?

Shmarye Rosenberg Failed Messiah

Here is Rosenberg's Explanation:
I had a much longer post I was moments away from publishing when my computer crashed and I lost it, so I'll make this do-over post more concise.
I've been working on a deal that would allow me to work on anti-poverty issues and today, after about a year of trying, that deal came to fruition. That means I'll be leaving, the website I founded almost 12 years ago.
So let me thank all of you who read, commented and debated here, those of you who agreed with me and even those of you who did not, and those of you who sent me stories, tips and pashkvils.
I'd like to encourage all of you to work to stop child sex abuse and to work to stop those who enable it or cover it up. I'd also like to encourage you to do what you can to bring some light to the haredi world which is, sadly, still shrouded in some intense darkness. No kid should go to 13 years of school and leave without a valid high school diploma, proficiency in the language of the country, and extensive knowledge of math, science, history and civics, even if their religious community's elders claim it is their religious right to deprive them of this much-needed education. Please continue to fight for those kids.
I'd also like to ask you work to equalize and humanize the US Sentencing Guidelines. With very few exceptions, nonviolent criminals should not be incarcerated for decades. Prison should not primarily be a place of punishment. Instead, it should be a place where combined with loss of freedom, inmates also get good regular mental health care and are trained in skills (or given education) that can earn them gainful employment on release. In the long run, it is far cheaper for society to work help inmates than it is to punish them. It is also far better for society because the recidivism rate for inmates who are well treated rather than abandoned and abused is lower. That means fewer victims and fewer losses for all of us.
Similarly, just as the seller of crack cocaine should not be treated more harshly than the seller of powder cocaine, poor criminals should not be treated more harshly than rich criminals. Criminals who are true sociopaths should be treated as such, but the justice and penal systems should not through their dysfunction take average criminals and push them right to the edge of sociopathy. Sadly, as it now stands, both often do so.
The Jewish community should, I believe, work for these reforms, not just for its own criminals like Agriprocessors’ Sholom Rubashkin, but for all of America’s criminals, save the most dangerous and evil. Arguably, it was Rubashkin supporters’ refusal to be, for want of a better term, ecumenical during their battle to get Rubashkin – who I believe was guilty as sin – a lighter sentence that drove many good people away from them.
Since I’ve mentioned him, Rubashkin presided over abuse of poor undocumented workers and of animals, crimes I would argue are far greater than the financial fraud charges he was convicted of.
I believe the federal government should have prosecuted Rubashkin for these crimes after it won conviction on 86 counts of financial fraud. It did not do so in part because trials cost lots of money and eat up lots of time, and the return for doing so was, in the government’s eyes, too minimal.
As the US Sentencing Guidelines are now constructed, all that abuse and mistreatment might have added a only a few months, maybe a year or two, to Rubashkin’s 27-year sentence. So why spend the money and the time?
In fact, the government only charged and considered prosecuting the immigration crimes linked to Rubashkin. The abuse of those undocumented workers and the abuse of the animals were issues that really were not on the government’s radar.
So when Rubashkin wanted those immigration charges severed from the financial fraud charges and tried separately, the government agreed. And then it prosecuted the financial charges because they were the most serious and carried the larges penalties. And when it won conviction of all 86 of them, it declined to prosecute Rubashkin on anything else. After all, why waste the money and the time?
The answer, of course, is that human life and animal lives matter, perhaps not equally or in exactly the same ways, but both matter far more than dollars. Yet the government’s decision taught the opposite lesson.
So Rubashkin sits in prison, serving a much-too-long 27-year sentence (25 years for the fraud charges – exactly at the middle of draconian the US Sentencing Guidelines – and 2 years for perjury). The lesson taught is don’t steal from rich people and banks, and through association don’t employ undocumented workers because you could get caught and punished for something worse.
The lesson really should have been different: do not exploit poor workers, do not abuse animals (in the name of religion or otherwise), care about all life and protect it. But it wasn’t. It was a national teaching moment lost.
Lastly, I’d like to say a word about the current religious freedom situation in Israel and the general tenor of the government.
Let me start by saying that, agree with his politics or not, Menachem Begin was generally a mentch, a surprising down to earth person who truly cared about people. I don’t think that same statement can honestly be made about Benjamin Netanyahu and it certainly cannot be made about many of the other political leaders in the coalition government, including its haredim. As a person who spent close to three decades as a person of the right, one of the things that drove me away – perhaps the thing that most drove me away – is that lack of mentchlikeit.
My criticism comes out of that and from the clear empirical evidence that Israel is no longer led by a a government or by leaders who cherish truth. I saw this first when Yitzhak Shamir led Israel in the 1980s, but I brushed it off. My ideology – or, I should say, Chabad’s theology and Rabbi Meir Kahane’s ideology – were more important. I could look the other way while Shamir parsed and lied if those untruths protected Israel. But I was wrong to do so then and I refuse to make the same mistake today.
For Israel to truly thrive, it needs to separate religion and state. There should not be a state-funded chief rabbinate or a mandate that citizens marry and divorce through any officially sanctioned religious outlet. If a couple wants a religious marriage ceremony, let them hire whatever clergy is meaningful to them. If a Jew wants to marry a non-Jew, it should not be the job of a state apparatus to stop the couple from marrying. If a couple wants a totally secular ceremony, let a justice of the piece do the honors. Schools that teach Israel’s core curriculum should be funded by the state. Schools which refuse to do so should not.
Religion should ply its wares through good example and honest reasoning, not through state-supported coercion and deceit.
Netanyahu is willing to inflict coercive religion on Israelis in exchange for power, just as he is willing to abandon haredi children to substandard schools as long as their parents vote for parties which support him. Indeed, he’s even willing to allow most haredim to avoid the draft in perpetuity as long as those haredi votes stay with him. Secular Israelis disproportionately bear the burden of Israel’s defense and its economy while Netanyahu laughs all the way to the prime minister’s office, and this must stop. Perhaps one day soon it will. We can only hope.
I don’t approach this as a Reform Jew or as a Conservative Jew or as a Reconstructionist or Renewal Jew. I approach this now as a proud secular Jew, as a post-religions Jew who has far greater affinity for Baruch Spinoza or Theodore Herzl than for any rabbi or religious leader.
I want to thank the people at Diversified Holdings for their professionalism during these last months. They’ve promised to guard your confidentiality as I did, at least with regard to whatever you posted before this. (I hope they’ll post some type of privacy policy in the next day or two so you’ll know what they intend to do from here on out. Diversified’s people should begin regular posting soon, as well, probably by early Thursday.)
As for me, I’ll keep you posted on my anti-poverty work and other issues I’m working on or interested in if you follow me on Twitter ( and on Facebook (
And with that, I thank you all again. This blog and its people have become like a second family to me. I will miss it and miss you all more than you will ever know.


Anonymous said...

The fat ferd is so obsessed that he couldn't say goodbye without devoting half his final post to raving about Rubashkin.

Who gives a rat's behind to rehash all that except for a very sick person who has no life?

I don't agree with many bloggers including DIN, but the big fat failed one is the only blogger offhand that I am glad to see come to an end.

Good riddance!

Ezra said...

I am trying to console my client Jerrold Nadler who is crying like a baby over Shmarya throwing in the towel. He says that all the grossly overweight self-hating Jews & Kapos are in this together.

Hang on there Jerrold, besoch shar aveilei Failed Shmarya!

Anonymous said...

He is not closing down only giving it over to a few characters calling themselves diversified holdings. I suspect it's mark meyer Appel behind it as he throws big money to anti orthodox causes on Zev Brenner radio show. He hates the heimisha crowd. If rechnitz would pay off the creep Shmarya he would not continue the blog. The blog is continuing by these few rascals who want to throw dirt on religious Jews all in the name of so called justice. We should open a blog that collects crimes by blacks and have everyone write comments against blacks. See how fast the government would come down on that. We idiotic religious jews should either sue on violations on racial bigotry and protest at this fat shmaryas rosenbergs house in Minnesota. See what his neighbors do to him when you have daily protests there.

Echter yid said...

Ezra it shows one thing that klal yisroel is not ready to face the facts in the face but especially when it comes to sexual abuse against children Ok,? so keep up covering crimes against children ?

Echter yid said...

Ezra can't you take the heat especially about facing the facts in your face?

Gleckman legacy said...

The most bitter self-hating Jews on Earth who swarmed to the Failed site like flies to elephant turds have been given the ultimate stab in the back by the grossly obese grandson of mafia don Leon Gleckman. A little "man" who even when his own mother, Leon's daughter, passed away he just kept smearing people instead of sitting shiva.

One thing is for sure, that establishment orthodox no matter how corrupt they might be would never sell out to the likes of Shmarya but Shmarya has just proven himself the ULTIMATE WHORE to sell out his loyal following.

Some of Shmarya's following will not be able to sleep now that certain institutions may be able to reconstitute from internal blog communications who was conspiring with Shmarya to harm them.

But then again in their blind hatred they just swarmed to the Fat One blindly & recklessly without knowing anything of what Shmarya is really all about, like when he was taken into police custody in Monsey which is why he vehemently denies he ever stepped foot in Monsey.

Reap what you "sow" (pun intended)


There is a Failed Sucker born every minute said...

That's what happened to that filthy site for heimishe adultery called Shaindy. It's founder "Jerry" sold out the membership. Jerry lied through his teeth "promising" that a couple of "investors" who are dedicated to the kol davar assur lifestyle will protect their privacy as previously. The "investors" turned out to be a group of rabbonim & askonim. Not only did they have the IDs of anyone stupid enough to not hide behind anonymous profiles & payments, but they tricked members who used an anonymous payment system to identify themselves so "to not lose any money". Once they felt they had unmasked as many sinners as possible, with the women surely reported to a beis din, they made a huge announcement one morning: "Am Yisroel Chai! This site is hereby closed!"

Echter yid said...

That's for sure that failed messiah had his good side to on that blog ( failed messiah) victims of sexual abuse felt that they had a voice,on some place? I personally spoke today to ifew people and all of them mamesh cried to me the same song that they are scared that victims of sexual abuse will again be silenced instead when they felt they had an open ear by someone especially on a blog, I don't wish it on my worst enemy and on nobody should ever have to go trough the,/shame,/pain/anger/ what a victim of sexual abuse or of other abuses are going through (lots of times till suicide) not only them but their entire family the pain the anger what they feel against their own Hasidic community because they feel that nobody cares what happened to their loved ones So its not such a simcha that failed messiah closed down or someone else is talking it over, the trust is not there anymore, (2) now if mark meyer appel took it over I really really have a question for him why does he only give money when there is (parsumet) when he could be on the .T.V.? On all news outlets,? Why would he only do in askunis when he could be on,T.V.? Or on all news outlets? Why couldn't we find askunim who would do askunis vechesed with out being exposed? And not only when they are being exposed? VICTIMS OF SEXUAL ABUSE,should never ever be dropped from radar especially when a asken took the case upon himself and is calling himself advocates of victims of sexual abuse,? The minute this askunim are not on .T.V, they will take victims of sexual abuse and their parents and drop them totally, for good? This is not called askunis,? This is not called advocates ?

Common Sense said...

I knew I could never confide anything to Shmarya because I know he has done a lot of underhanded things. You simply cannot trust someone like that period. The readers even got a huge warning sign when he shnorred for travel expenses to go cover the Rubashkin trial but did not go and did not return the money. And because the big lazy tuchess wouldn't work for the last 15 years, of course he would take big money to do anything. I did not trust many other bloggers simply because I don't know enough about them. But I do trust UOJ because he was always selfless for others, he is a rav who knows a lot of learning, and he is independently wealthy that he is not vulnerable. He actually opened his comments again just now.

Anonymous said...

There is only one fellow who's name is Mark meyer Appel. He used to be a marcher in boro park and is divorced and is a womanizer. This guy hates the true frum Jews and has been active with various anti frum bloggers. He has a few bucks as he appears every once in a while on Zev Brenner show. Of course he pays for the time through his nose. He made a deal with this fat Shmarya rosenberg to be able to semi takeover the running of this bigoted blog. Notice the first article he put up was about the Chabad rabbi killed in florida. Guess why. Mark meyer Appel lives in florida. What he wants to do is the same as fat Shmarya and make it look like he is pro orthodox. Shmarya would run some self help advice and all kinds of alerts to cover up his filthy work like the nazis played the same game to the public while cutting up jewish babies. What needs to be done is massive lawsuits that will tie up all these anti Torah haters in legal expenses.

shvantz said...

If it is Appel, that is a pretty dumb move on his part to pay Fatso Scott anything. The readers are hitting the exits. The page views will go kaput very soon and blogs like this one & the Unorthodox Jew will pick up new readers for free.

Upper East said...

Gary Rosenblatt's NY Jewish Week in reporting on this took a parting shot at Shmarya saying that the media never took Shmarya seriously because he was the mudslinging troll of bloggers.

The Forward was a bit more diplomatic saying Shmarya has a prick(ly) personality.

There you have it that the unemployed recluse angry at the world claimed he was a champion of the secular cause yet no one relevant in the secular world wants to have anything to do with him.

What a waste of a life.

Anonymous said...

Th is Shmarya slob was once interviewed by Zev Brenner and he even turned on Brenner despite his free of charge exposure on radio. This mayer mark Appel will be in for an unpleasant surprise if he thinks he can work with this Shmarya creature. This fat poney tailed Shmarya now wants to fight poverty. I guess his own. He hates himself and everyone around him. He is a prime example of someone who could of been somebody and turned out to be a loser in every sense. A real fool.

Anonymous said...

As a commenter on failedmessiah pointed out:

Shmarya wrote with his very first post that “Haredim are our enemies."
He also wrote that “Haredism=Lies & Deceit.”
But he he also wrote that “non-haredi Orthodoxy is no better."

Bottom Line: He was someone who considers millions of Jews his "enemy," and I think that is the saddest fact of all.

In addition, I think my recent revelations about his 'books' really shook him...people began to see the real Shmarya. Sad. [Google "Shmarya Rosenberg books" if you don't know what I am talking about]

Echter yid said...

Watch Mark Meyer appel will now come with all his lies,all his bullshit, he will suddenly play like the biggest asken on the world, like the biggest politician, he is full of crap, he is such a gangster, he is a ,2,facer, a player, a real fabricator, he loves to lie, to make himself look big in the eyes of the public and especially to politicians he loves to play like the biggest asken, anyone who noes him could ask him when was the last time he helped out victims of sexual abuse,? He has a blog called voice of justice He makes millions out of it claiming for the government that he is helping out victims of sexual abuse, He gets millions from the government ,when he is one big fat lier,,he dropped all victims ,he degraded victims of sexual abuse, it hurts to see such a man making big bucks on the name of victims of sexual abuse,,this should never ever happen, nobody should ever make money on victims blood,supposedly claiming he is the advocate for the victims of sexual abuse,?, he is a player