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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bibi Speaking to Birthright!


Echter yid said...

We all friends of ,m,j, and there family, we would like to wish you all a very very warm,mazel tov, for the engagement the shiduch, of your beloved daughter ,n,l,s, hashem should help that in zechus of this simcha you should see already the light out of the dark tunnel, you should see lots and lots of yididish nachas by all your children, and a shiduch im yirtzah hashem by your beloved son ( the victim who is suffering so much till today) this simcha should bring you all sweet yiddish nachas,vehashpuois tovos, and you should always be able to zocha zien to make simchas in your house, mazel tov, (from the advocates of victims of sexual abuse)

Anonymous said...

Echter, you want to be zocheh to simchos and nachas - then stay away from blogs run by haters of erlich Yidden.
Being associated with apikorsim and poshei yisroel will bot give you much merit.