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Sunday, February 21, 2016

100 year old video shows men and women davening at the Kosel .... no Mechitzah no problem

Almost 100 years’ Dutch tourists came to Jerusalem and decided to film scenes from the streets of Jerusalem, then not yet the state of Israel. Filming was a rarity in those days, not like in today’s smartphone age.
The scenes from Jerusalem were filmed in 1918. We see scenes of people davening at the Kotel, which was then commonly known as the “Wailing Wall”.
This scene doesn’t look all that much different then what we would see today when we visit the Kotel. The only difference we see is the women and men davening together.
Also shown in the video are scenes form the streets of “modern” Jerusalem. Shown are Arabas, Christians, and Jews walking the street, no different than today! Though the style of dress is quite unlike what it is today.
Scenes from the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem’s market is also scene where vendors sold clothes, food, and much more!
Products were moved with “low-tech” help of donkey. No cars were seen on the streets of Jerusalem in those days.
Watch the video to see what Jerusalem was like 100 years ago!

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