Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Medicine experts, warn of 'even worse, more contagious' mutation if virus is allowed to reproduce on unvaccinated people.

Professor Daniel Shepshelovich, deputy director of Ichilov Hospital's Internal Medicine 9 department, warned that those who refuse to vaccinate may aid in the creation of a worse, more virulent mutation.

In an interview with Israel Hayom, Shepshelovich, Prof. Shepshelovich said, "At any moment, a mutation may be created which is even worse and more contagious, which will harm everyone. A pregnant woman died, young people are being harmed, and the concern is right here, right now."

"Those who do not vaccinate need to know that they are empowering the virus, because every time the virus divides it can create a mutation, a variant. Most mutations aren't problematic, but when the virus changes tens of thousands of times, and that's the case with coronavirus, then you have mutations which are more contagious or more virulent, and then the virus causes even more harm.

"Therefore, the desire to prevent the virus from dividing and reproducing and developing more versions is in itself a reason to get vaccinated. Bottom line, I am truly begging anyone who is on the fence to trust the entire medical profession, which knows the vaccine, believes in the vaccine, knows the disease, and is warning that it is very dangerous. Go now and get vaccinated."



Anar Ottolenghi, a doctoral student in immunology at Ben Gurion University and a member of "Midaat," explained that without comprehensive vaccination, the virus still has a large population which it can infect and mutate on, allowing it to become more resistant to the vaccine and thereby harm even more of the population.

"Before we reach variants, mutations, I first of all want to call on all of the young people to get vaccinated, because it protects them and prevents diseases," he told Israel Hayom. "People must understand that the virus harms everyone, including young people and even children, and right now we are exiting the third lockdown with the virus still very endemic to the Israeli population," he said.

"It's very easy to get infected, and that's very dangerous. Therefore, receiving the vaccine is first of all a protection for ourselves. Beyond that, in Israeli society there are people who cannot be vaccinated, because they are oncology patients or people who the vaccine does not work for, and even if we ourselves will not be harmed very much from the disease, we can still infect these people and harm them, and also for this reason alone it is important and worth getting vaccinated, because that way we protect our friends, our weaker relatives, or just people on the street."

He also emphasized recent research which shows that the vaccine seems to significantly reduce the chance of transmission, and that in itself is a good reason to vaccinate, since it protects all of society.

"In addition to all of these reasons, we need to also note that the moment the virus has many unvaccinated people, it reproduces very rapidly and develops variants - mutations," he said. "These changes may later create a type of variant which is vaccine-resistant, and dramatically hurt our entire society. Meaning, when we get vaccinated we reduce the chance that the virus will upgrade to a new version which will be much more harmful."

"There is very great significance in developing this national immunity. Soon children will also be able to be vaccinated, and anyone who receives the vaccine protects us as a society. Obviously, the same process needs to happen in the entire world, and after Israel is protected we will need to examine anyone who enters Israel to see if he is vaccinated or not, and if not then we will need proof that he is not infected. In addition to all of this, I want to say that those who are debating that the Israeli health system has come out now of enormous comprehensive efforts to save people's lives."

"Whoever does not get vaccinated exposes himself to a dangerous and life-threatening disease which also causes long-term harm even to those who recover relatively quickly," Prof. Shepshelovich said. "The people hospitalized now are very young people, pregnant women, and people who have no pre-existing conditions, so really there is no reason not to go get vaccinated. This is really an issue that I don't understand why people are worried about it."

"So far tens of millions of people have received the vaccines across the world, and no dangerous trends have been identified. We're not talking just about millions in Israel alone, but tens of millions around the world, and all the predictions about harm and side effects or other fake news have really been proven on the ground to be completely incorrect."

He also noted that in addition to the immediate dangers, there are very serious effects even for those who had mild symptoms. "I'm referring to heart issues, health problems, problems with moods, muscles, depression, and a long list of difficulties discovered even in people who recovered from mild cases of the virus. We've had this virus around for a year already, and the effects of coronavirus are long and widescale and life-threatening."



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