Monday, February 22, 2021

Brother in law of Pregnant Woman Who Died .. Convinced Her Not to Take Vaccine ...Watch Heartbreaking Funeral


Brother in law of Osnat Ben Shitrit: 'I established one of the most successful Facebook groups against the vaccines, now I've disabled it.'

Family members of Osnat Ben Shitrit, the pregnant woman who died last night at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, opposed receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

Ben Shitrit, 32, who was in her 30th week of pregnancy, died in the intensive care unit at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, and the efforts to revive the fetus also failed.

Ben Shitrit's brother-in-law told Kan News: "I founded one of the most successful groups on Facebook against the vaccines, after this case I disabled it. When it comes to you, you understand that you have to think differently."

Her two sisters added: "Her condition was serious for several days and she refused to be hospitalized due to fear of the hospital. When she arrived at the hospital her condition was already critical. We call on everyone to go get vaccinated now."

50 new mothers and pregnant women are hospitalized across the country. 19 of them are in serious condition, 8 are in critical condition, 7 of them are on respiration while 1 is connected to an ECMO machine. Dr. Ortal Ne'eman, director of the Corona Maternity and Fetal Medicine Unit at Assuta Public Hospital in Ashdod, called on pregnant women to get vaccinated. "As far as is known, there are no sick pregnancies in Israel after the second vaccination," she noted.

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Nice - now he lives the rest of his life as a murderer. His death count (so far) = two that we know of. What a drek.