Monday, February 22, 2021

Badatz Running Out of "Chumros" Condemns Kiddush Video In Meah Shearim

Badatz doesn't care if you turn over garbage cans and put them on fire and then stone the Jewish firefighters when they come to put out the fires... 
 Badatz is silent when their followers block traffic stopping people from going and coming back from work and blocking ambulances from transporting people in need of emergency care.
They are silent when their hoodlums stone Chareidie soldiers that are in Shul davening ,,,,but when a couple of guys want to have some fun... they go crazy ....
They write in the pashkivel that this a "moshav leitzim".. so a tish by a rebbe when the chassidim grab "shrayim" that's ok? 
Great job guys!


A clip by Akiva Gruman and the Malchus choir depicting a kiddush taking place in a Meah Shearim shul has caused significant opposition within the local chareidi community. 
The clip, which has tens of thousands of views on social media, was filmed in the old Chabad shul in Meah Shearim and shows a typical kiddush taking place with all the participants singing in Shabbos finery, including all the various types of Shabbos garments found within the chasidic community. Many people participated in the clip, including Arele Samet, Meir Adler, Yoeli Davidovitz, Mendi Weiss and many others.

However already during the filming there were scuffles and violent demonstrations near the shul, forcing the producers to stop the filming and search for a shul in another neighborhood in order to continue shooting the clip.

The Badatz (Beis Din Tzedek of Jerusalem) issued a strong protest against the filming inside a shul, calling its producers mockers and scorners, who make fun of holy Jewish minhagim of a kiddush, a shalom zachar and the birth of a daughter and even dressed in the garb of Yerushalmim with the shtreimels, caftans, etc. The Badatz notes the inappropriate level of consumption of alcohol and meat and wine while singing Shabbos songs – and says that the actors look like the Reform who sang in shul and did things of pleasure there. They call this an unprecedented disgrace and desecration of the holiness of Shabbos, besides the general issue of producing “kosher” movies and videos.

The Badatz also called the producer before the beis din warned him about this and he promised he would not spread his merchandise, but the clip has now been published and therefore the Badatz issued a strong protest against the producer.



frum but normal said...

Does anyone take these Israel hating ignorant savages seriously?.,these are the same demented crazies who insist that participating in the Israeli elections is akin to "AVODA ZARA SHEFICHAS DAMIM and GILUI ARAYOS

Down with shtreimel inflation said...

The shtreimels in the movie are too large!

Emes will prevail said...

Watching this clip ignited in me an extreme warm feeling to hashem for our way of life and ahava for my fellow yid. The ability to beautify the shabbos kodesh with malbish,song,commirodery being a son of holocaust survivors I was thankfull that Hitler yemach shemoe didn't succeed.also I stepped nachas that our brethren are so talented(without secular education) to produce this level of a quality production. Just saying