Monday, April 23, 2018

Police Arrive in Meah Shearim/Beis Yisrael Area During Predawn Hours to Arrest Chareidie Terrorists

A large police force including officers, detectives and Yassam commandos arrived in the Meah Shearim/Beis Yisrael areas during the predawn hours on Monday, 8 Iyar to make arrests. They arrived at about 3:00AM and went to eight homes, resulting in the arrests of four persons.

As the arrests took place, word spread of the large police presence and the local terrorists took to the streets in the hope of sabotaging police and preventing the arrests. In addition to their shouts a Palestinian flag was hung in the area.
Police report the arrests are connected to “Recent violence and violent activities”, adding they will eventually reach each person who took part in illegal violence. Police report in addition to the minor, the other suspects are between the ages of 20-30.
In was later revealed that the arrests were in connection to last weeks violent Hafgaonos at the IDF Conscription Office in Jerusalem, which resulted in Police using extreme force – including flash-bang grenades, horses, and water cannons. It appears the arrested individuals are suspected of physically attacking police officers.
At the time, the protest was held after word spread of a “Frum woman” who had been taken to the draft office and was taken into custody. It was later revealed that her level of “Frumkeit” was highly questionable, as her Facebook posts from as recent as two weeks ago became public.
VIDEO & PHOTOS VIA מחאות החרדים הקיצוניים:

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Anonymous said...

In any other country in the world creatures like this would be incarcerated. The audacity of hanging a enemy flag. Lock the bastards up for life, treason is a serious crime.