Thursday, April 12, 2018

Naftali Spiegal with his Terrorist Sons Chase Women and Little Girls Shouting "Shabbos" Because they Use Eiruv in Boro-Park!

There are many ways how some perverts get their kicks, but now we discovered a brand new innovation:
chasing attractive ladies and teenage girls..... and then watch how they run in terror, by yelling "Shabbos Shabbos" because they use the Boro-Park Eiruv.

My mother a"h would say in yiddish "az men lebt, derlebt men allas" "if you live long enough, you will live to see everything."

Naftali Spiegal decided to "educate"  his sons, Moshe & Yisroel Avraham, in the art of terror, so they could be experts in bullying innocent people, all because they don't follow his archaic Judaic approach!

Last week, the terrorist that calls himself Spiegal waited like an Arab sniper, for the Sedreheler Rav to leave his shul, and then attacked him with a barrage of disgusting insults, in a futile attempt to embarrass him in public because he paskened for the Eiruv! 
He brought along his two "lapdogs," Moshe & Yisroel Avraham for good measure.

Good Shabbos ☺


jancsibacsi said...

This is what happens when the leaders dont have any control of their followers you get theese mindless morons who behave like the worst kind of goy worst then any shaygatz slowely but surtely they are becoming identical to the muslim terrorists,they need to be excommunicated from among the jews

לכבוד שבת קודש said...

ב"ה may they be blessed, Yidden that feel so deeply about Kedushas Shabbos kodesh.

Hashem should watch over and protect them.

Anonymous said...

I Happen to know this perverted insane Spiegel family,a bunch of criminally insane gangsters and low lives and perverts,let me tell you if it would have been my wife or daughter these animals would be harassing,Hatzalla would have been busy picking up their body parts from the sidewalk,this is the only language these ignorant savage criminals understand