Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ezra "the kapo" Friedlander will honor a Muslim..... couldn't find any Jews to honor!

Ezra with Lady Gaga 
So the "kapo" that tried convincing Holocaust Survivors that the Iran deal was a good thing and wrote an Op-Ed in The Yeshiva World, defending the "Jew back Stabber" Jerrold Nadler's disgusting vote to hand nuclear weapons to the Mullas in Iran .... was searching for a Jew to honor, but after searching in all the shteeblich in Boro-Park, he couldn't find one Jew to honor, so he found a Muslim to honor .....
I understand that Sadat gave his life for peace ...... but what about Begin? Why isn't he getting credit for the peace deal?  Didn't he have to give back parts of Eretz Yisroel? 
What is it with these naive pandering Jews that search under every rock to pander to our enemies?
 How many Muslims will now love Jews more because of this stupid medal? 
Or is the "kapo" Friedlander alll in it for the money only, like his uncle, the "groiser tzaddik?"
What this lowlife will do for a couple of dollars .......it runs in his blood ....that miserable traitor .....

A bipartisan bill to award the Congressional Gold Medal to late Egyptian president Anwar Sadat will be introduced to Congress on Tuesday by Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD), Representative Chris Stewart (R-UT) and Representative Grace Meng (D-NY).
The bill, titled the Anwar Sadat Centennial Celebration Act, proposes to award the medal to Sadat “in recognition of his heroic achievements and courageous contributions to peace in the Middle East.” Next year will mark the 100th anniversary of Sadat’s birth.
“President Sadat is recognized in the United States and throughout the world as a respected leader and champion of peace whose vision provided a road map for the peaceful resolution of conflict that endures nearly 40 years after its inception,” the bill reads.
“President Sadat bravely reached out to Israel and dedicated himself to peace, furthering the national security of Egypt and the stability of the Middle East.”
The bill’s introduction to Congress was coordinated by Ezra Friedlander, an Orthodox Jew and CEO of the public affairs consulting firm the Friedlander Group.
Friedlander told the Post that he recalls watching the arrival of the late Sadat in Israel in the late 1970s, as a child.
“It was a Saturday night. We didn’t have a television, but I remember as a kid going to a neighbor’s house to watch the news,” he said.
“I was 10. It was as shocking then as it is now, just to think of it. That image always remained with me; it became a part of me.
“Growing up and going through life you realize that it’s very easy to be friends with your friends, but Anwar Sadat, in my opinion, was one of the greatest statesmen of the 20th century because he, essentially, in a very dramatic way, changed his way of thinking and it took tremendous courage,” Friedlander continued.
“So for me, having the opportunity to play a role in an important historical milestone was very important.”
Friedlander added that honoring Sadat was not just a way to remember history but could also serve as “a teaching moment… I firmly believe that presenting Anwar Sadat with a Congressional Gold Medal will once again allow for the world to recognize his heroism and bravery, but also encourage other world leaders to learn from that style, from his leadership,” he said.
Friedlander said he hopes that if the bill passes, world leaders, particularly in the Middle East, would see the bill and the medal as carrying the message that “compromise and peace pays dividends long after you agree to make it.”
As a Jew, Friedlander added, honoring a Muslim leader was important.
“The Jewish people yearn for peace. We are willing and should be willing to travel to the end of the world for peace,” he said.
“We need to actively commend and pay tribute to those leaders that historically were at odds with the Jewish people and the State of Israel and to embrace them.”
Friedlander was also behind the Congressional Gold Medal awarded to late president Shimon Peres in 2014, and a posthumous one that same year to Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, celebrated for saving tens of thousands of Jews in Nazi-occupied Hungary.
“Sadat took countless personal risks to achieve a society grounded in peace and diplomacy – an endeavor that ultimately cost him his life,” Hatch said in a press release.
“Thus, awarding Sadat with the Congressional Gold Medal celebrates and gives homage to Sadat’s courageous, remarkable and enduring imprint on history.”
A ranking member on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Cardin said in a press release that Sadat was the first Arab leader to recognize Israel and “displayed courage and vision when he negotiated the peace treaty, fundamentally changing the course of history in the Middle East for the better.”
Awarding him the medal, Cardin added, not only honors this legacy, but also underscores the enduring commitment of the US to upholding the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.
Meng said in a press release that she was proud to co-sponsor the bill and urged the House and Senate to pass it.
Friedlander said he was not expecting any opposition to the bill, and hoped Egyptian government representatives would make the trip to the US to collect the medal, which will also be presented to Sadat’s widow, Jehan Sadat.


Clean the swamp of Ezra Friedlander group manipulator scam artist said...

Friedlander will honor you if it pay$$$$ off for him.

A few months ago on Capitol Hill he honored 'Rabbi' Marc Schneier, the five times married serial philanderer, who was expelled by the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA). Friedlander is a phony manipulator.

There is a significant problem if one manipulator from Brooklyn is allowed to hijack the Congressional Gold Medal for his personal business, and is having more of them given than other sponsors. For that reason alone Congress should refuse to go along with him. The Congressional Gold Medal wasn't established to be part of a private person like Friedlander's PR business. Is he going to have one given every Monday and Thursday and ca$h in big in the proce$$.

Clean the swamp! Ezra Friedlander, the Hasidic manipulator from Brooklyn, is part of the swamp.

Beware of Friedlander Congressional Gold Medal misuse for personal gain said...

The issue is not Sadat's religion here.

The issue is that US Congressional Medal of Honor was not established to regularly honor people from far away places with little connection to the United States. If so, we could go around the world, and give many more of them. It was also not established for a PR firm to make a ca$h cow out of it.

This is the third Congressional Gold Medal Friedlander is pushing. Note that all of them are to foreigners. That is not to say that great and worthwhile people from elsewhere should not be honored. If they deserve honor, fine and well, there are many other awards they can be given.

“We need to actively commend and pay tribute to those leaders that historically were at odds with the Jewish people and the State of Israel and to embrace them.”

Who does he mean? Nasser? Sadam? Khomeini? Who is he talking about?

Pro israel said...

Everybody works for money, Ezra is no different. Ezra cannot do this alone he needs members of the congress to help him pass it, if they do, than Ezra did nothing wrong.

Can i ask who would you reccomend i guess not wallenberg because he only saved thousands of jews, neither Peres should get one cause he only gave the A-bomb to Israel,

sadat was a true friend to the state, military & intel. his true peace also saved lots of jews.

Ezra is there for the take like any other working person, but does not mean Sadat does not deserve a gold medal.

Beyond the PR propaganda said...

Sadat was not such a big tzaddik. He had his own reasons for doing what he did. He broke with the USSR, turned to the West, got loads of $ from the USA, etc.

Ezra Friedlander Group Congressional Gold Medal Scam exposed said...

There is a problem when the Congressional Gold Medal becomes a business for a PR guy like Friedlander. He has been itching to try another one after Wallenberg and Peres. Just a few months ago he was trying to get one for Abraham Joshua Heschel of the Conservative JTS.

See here - http://thejewishlink.com/u-s-senate-calls-president-issue-medal-freedom-rabbi-abraham-joshua-heschel/

"I thank Senator Brown for leading the effort to recognize Rabbi Heschel’s imprint on American history,” said Ezra Friedlander, CEO of The Friedlander Group, elucidating the significance of Heschel’s legacy. This endeavor is being coordinated by The Friedlander Group"

Friedlander was pushing it with his buddy Joe Potasnik, spiritual leader of a Conservative Temple in Brooklyn, and leader of the NY Board of Rabbis, a body with non orthodox spiritual leaders banned by gedolei Yisrael.

For some reason that effort seems to have died for now. Maybe Friedlander realized that pushing for a gold medal for someone from JTS would hurt him among the frum oilam. Or maybe he couldn't get enough $ for it.

Don't be fooled by his Hasidic garb. Ezra Friedlander is a chazer treif liberal.

Let's have some real facts here said...

Is anyone interested in real facts, or are they happy falling for Friedlander's propaganda?

Sadat was a dictator, he lost in the terrible Yom Kippur war he started against Israel, which cost thousands of Israeli lives. He wanted to get Sinai with its oil fields and the favor of US, so he made a cold peace. Many provisions of the peace treaty was not implemented. Egyptain media for years has published anti-semitic and anti-Israel pieces.

Did Sadat give back all the property and money stolen from Egyptian Jews?

Maybe someone who knows something about the subject should be consulted, instead of a guy with an agenda like Friedlander.

Time to wake up from delusionary thinking said...

Why doesn't Friedlander visit Egypt? He should go there and see Sadat's legacy firsthand.

That could cure some of his delusions. Is he dreaming that he is some kind of international affairs expert or something? Foreign policy is not a game for to be played with by amateurs.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a menuvel. Marc Shneier and Tamara Holder are his peeps.

Go tell all those who fought for Israel in Yom Kippur war that Sadat started against Israel, where they lost their lives -- and if you would have told them (or their mothers) that there would come an uneducated menuvel dressed as a chassid who wanted to celebrate the one who started the war that cost their lives-- they wouldn't believe it. everyone is entitled to make a living, but this Friedlander guy has no moral compass. No conscience and no shame. But he will tell the world he descends form some great rabbis and that his father is just as big as the Bobover Rebbe and could have had just as many chassidim but "it's just a matter of luck."

Friedlander is plain DUMB. He doesn't know history. He talks to the video camera (ON SHABBOS NO LESS) that he always wanted to be the court Jew who saves the Jews -- what a joke!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oauvde-9N3k

Friedlander is plain DUMB -- says he can't do basic math to give the waiter a tip and thinks all other Yeshiva kids should go through life just the same, bc he thinks he is "functional."

DONT BELIEVE HE HAd TO GO TO A NEIGHBOR HOUSE TO WATCH TV bc he had no TV in his home, and dont believe he saw Sadat when he was 10 years old either.

Anonymous said...

Next year Friedlander will begin petitioning for a congressional medal for Adolf Eichmann -- considering Eichmann agreed to make a deal that saved 1,600 Jews on the Kastner train.

Anonymous said...

responding to this comment from 2 yrs ago: Time to wake up from delusionary thinking said...
Why doesn't Friedlander visit Egypt? He should go there and see Sadat's legacy firsthand.

That could cure some of his delusions. Is he dreaming that he is some kind of international affairs expert or something? Foreign policy is not a game for to be played with by amateurs.

February 3, 2017 at 1:54 PM

guess what? ezra and 30 others just visited Cairo- met with President Sisi for TWO hours, jewish cemeteries were already being rehabbed ONE hour after the meeting ended, kosher receptions were held in Egypt, no IDF soldier has died in combat with Egypt in 40 yrs, 2/3 of both senate and house supported the gold medal- sounds like a lot of good happening (not like the AMATEURS commenting om this site)