Thursday, August 8, 2013

Convicted Sex Abuser "Rabbi" continues to give Shiurim even after being heckled! Video

Within hours of his having been convicted of sexually abusing a minor, Rabbi Moti Elon was interrupted while giving a weekly Torah lesson by a man who claimed to be a sexual abuse victim and who pleaded with the rabbi to “admit he sinned.” YNETnews. com ( reports that the heckler, 40 year-old Nahum Pechnik, stunned attendees as he confronted Elon, yelling, “I want to tell you that you are a great man, but you need to find the courage to say ‘I have sinned.’ You are a great man, admit you have sinned.” Pechnik later described himself as a married father of four who was sexually abused in 1993 by another prominent rabbi who, like Elon, refused to admit fault. Pechnik said the mental anguish he suffered as a result of the abuse ultimately forced him drop out of his elite IDF service path. “I couldn’t go on; I didn’t have the mental strength for it,” said Pechnik. “I came in the name of all who were hurt. I hope (Elon) will have enough courage to admit he sinned. If he wasn’t such a great man I wouldn’t have bothered. I just hope he gets out of his denial, and admits that great men also fail.” Disciples of Elon began singing loudly over Pechink before the lights were cut and Pechnik was unceremoniously dragged from the hall. As the lesson resumed, Elon reiterated that he viewed his conviction as a test, and a mission from God. “What happened (in the courtroom) is a mission that the Lord wants us to take on. If the mission is hard, we must take it with a smile,” said Elon value=''/>

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