Friday, August 9, 2013

Convicted Sex Offender Moshe Turner looking for more boys in Wesley Hills

The chief "Chazir" of Monsey, Moshe Turner, convicted of being a repeat sex offender, is on the prowl again to try to satisfy his perverted desires! 
Read the following e-mail sent to Wesley Hills & Monsey residents.

Dear YDN Parents/Faculty Members and Members of the Monsey Community:
It is becoming increasingly evident that the matter of child safety overall and specifically the issue of the recent abduction attempts in our community continue to need our urgent attention. Increased awareness and vigilance will help create a safer environment for all of our children and grandchildren.
Consider these incidents that took place in our neighborhood since last week’s email:
1.      Moshe Turner, A Level-2 Sex Offender (his picture here), of 65 Decatur Road was seen davening in a Wesley Hills shul even though it is located far from where he lives. Mr. Turner recently pled guilty to viciously sodomizing a teenage boy, and as reported here, escaped the prison sentence he richly deserved due to the communal pressure placed on the victim and his family not to testify in court.
Mr. Turner was recognized by members of the shul who followed the advice of Ramapo Police Chief Brower disseminated in last week’s email, that parents become aware of the registered offenders who live in the area. As a result Mr. Turner was told in no uncertain terms to immediately leave the shul and never return. (Click on this link and enter your zip code and the zip codes of surrounding areas to review the list and see the pictures. You can also click here to receive email notification whenever a convicted sex offender moves into the area, relocates, or when there is a new conviction of a child molester.) 
2.      This past Tuesday, August 6th, a 13-year-old boy was approached from behind by an individual driving a car on McNamara Drive and was asked to enter the vehicle. The boy’s parents had spoken to him about this matter over the past weekend due to our awareness campaign. He knew exactly what to do – run away and tell his parents.
3.      This past Monday, August 5th, an individual in a parked car was seen taking pictures of children playing in Jacaruso Park near the Pupa Yeshiva where Darchei Noam once rented space. Thanks to the efforts of Chaverim member Aron Slater, a grainy picture was retrieved from a nearby security camera and the information was passed on to the Spring Valley Police. (Picture of car attached to this email.)
There is no need to frighten your children needlessly, nor is it helpful to do so. What we all must do is increase our awareness and vigilance as adults and train our children in the basics of both “stranger danger” and comprehensive child safety.
May Hashem watch over all our children and please see to it that they are properly trained and supervised at all times. 

Best wishes for a Gutten Shabbos,

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