Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ami doesn't print letters to the editor that took issue with the "Farkas -Weberman" article!

Yitzchok Frankfurter, Satmar Clown
Yitzy Frankfurter, the gutless and spineless editor of Ami Magazine, refuses to print any letters to the editor that criticized his poor judgement of printing the insane interview with the attorney of the convicted rapist and pedophile Weberman. Forkosh Batchie's stupid reaction to the conviction of Weberman was so crazy that people are now questioning the sanity of this once prestigious lawyer.
We have received copies of  hundreds of responses to this insane and one sided article, and not one was published!
This coward, Frankfurter, drops this insensitive Forkosh Bomb and then refuses to own up to this mess.
Shame on you!

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Anonymous said...

You should publicize all the letters. If this clown won't do it, at least let it be out in the open so that everyone can read it regardless if he refuses to print it.