Monday, January 21, 2013

Satmar publishes kids comic book showing Israelis sending Orthodox Jews to Auschwitz death camp

Satmar gone crazy and evil! What is ironic ... is that his uncle, the first Satmar Rabbi was saved by the Zionists from the Nazis!

Israelis laughing as Jews are being shoved into cattle cars by the Nazis
Satmar, which is a fierce anti Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jewish organization, published a children’s comic book, which was distributed for free showing Israelis laughing while sending orthodox Jews to Auschwitz death camps, according to photos published on the internet.

The group published the book as their leader, Grand Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitelbaum, is currently in Israel, teaching the public about the evils of Zionism.

Israel is holding national elections this week, which the Satmars view the participation in the elections as worse than rape and murder.
comic book shows Israelis beating Orthodox Jews, cutting off their side locks, ripping their tzitzit, taking away their skullcup and plotting their murders.

It paints Israeli doctors as kidnappers and killers of Orthodox Jewish children. One picture shows Israelis laughing while a ship with hundreds of orthodox Jews is sinking in the sea.

Ordinary Israelis were outraged after seeing this comic book. “This book is even worse than what the Nazis published,” one man told news reporters.

Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum, the first Satmar Rebbe was saved from the Holocaust by a Zionist, Rudolph Kasztner, who Oskar Schindler of Schindler’s List fame called the bravest man he ever knew. Kasztner saved more Jews from the Holocaust than any other Jew was able to do.

Satmar has spent the past 68 years smearing Kasztner.

Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum – whose anti-Zionist theology and behind-the-scenes attempts to scuttle Zionist outreach in Satmar and surrounding areas eventually cost hundreds of Jews their lives – refused to thank Kasztner for rescuing him or even acknowledge that he had been rescued by Kasztner.
Rabbi Teitelbaum went to his grave 35 years after being rescued without ever saying anything positive about Kasztner, Zionists or the State of Israel.
Israelis cutting off the side locks of an Orthodox Jewish boy

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Anonymous said...

"The comic book shows Israelis beating Orthodox Jews, cutting off their side locks, ripping their tzitzit, taking away their skullc[aps]..."

An accurate description of how the children of Orthodox immigrants from Arab countries were treated (not to mention separating them from their parents).