Saturday, December 31, 2011

Child Abuse! Crazy Chassidim dress their kids in Holocaust garb to protest Anti-Chareidie Media!

They go around spitting on 8-year old children, and when the Media reports it, they yell "Unfair Media Treatment." Then they bring their innocent little children into the fro and dress them up in Holocaust Garb!

Look at the following picture.  Trying to reenact the famous Holocaust picture of a child raising his hands to Nazi Soldiers... 
Notice their silly smiles behind the child!

Now see the Holocaust Picture!!!
From arutz sheva

Hundreds of hareidi Jews were demonstrating in Jerusalem Saturday night against what they said was the unfair treatment of them in the media over the past several weeks. Demonstrators heard speeches decrying what speakers said was the “defaming” of the hareidi community over the issue of exclusion of women from the public sphere, and expressed support for Shmuel Weisfish, head of the “Modesty Patrol” in Meah Shearim, who is supposed to begin serving a prison term Sunday.
Dozens of adults and children were wearing yellow stars with the word “Jude” on it – reminiscent of the Nazi era – while several children were wearing striped concentration camp uniforms. Demonstrators said that the intention was not to compare Israel to Nazi Germany, but to compare the anti-hareidi sentiment and incitement to the anti-Jewish incitement in Germany before the Holocaust.

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Anonymous said...

you can't realy blame these criminaly insane ignorant savages for this obcene spectacle whereby they associate the Israeli government with Nazism,it is not their fault,they have been brainwashed from their childhood, as soon as they started going CHEIDER at the age of 5,they were taught by their rebbes and teachers,that zionism is the biggest catastrophy that has befallen the jewish people since churban bais sheni, and that there is no doubt that the reason Hashem brought on the holocaust on the jewish people where six million were slaughtered,was for the sin of Zionism,and not only that,the Zionists encouraged the nazi's,and deliberatly sabotaged all the efforts to save some jews during the war,
this obcenity has poisoned the minds of tens of thousands of frum jews in Israel and all over the world,it is not only the crazies of Neturei Karta who believe this,but all of the so called anti-zionists under the umbrella of the EIDAH HACHREIDAH and Satmar,and yes even a large part of the so called Yeshivish world,
We are reaping now what has been sowed for the last 60 yrs.