Sunday, January 15, 2012

Child Rapist Boruch Erps walks because witnesses are pressured not to testify!

Molester Boruch Erps

Erps taught Alef- Bais in YSV (Yeshivah Spring Valley) for many years, and molested and raped his little victims many times. Last week I received the following e-mail from a broken mother who just found out that her son was raped by Erps. This revelation came to light when the boy who is now 17 years old spoke about his childhood experiences in group therapy. The mother told me that this child is off the derech and asked that I post the following e-mail.

I just finished talking to my son,who is almost 18 years old.

I am almost to scared to ask so I just jump in.

Did he (the pre-one A Rabbi who raped him) ever do any thing to him in the class room?

"No, in his house, when you brought me over for Aleph -Bes Lessons."(as per his wife's urging

for "free private tutoring")

I reply through choking tears " I am so sorry! Why didn't you ever tell me?"

He answers " I was scared, everyday I went to class I got chills. I was terrified of him"

I later cry to Hashem WHY!? What did I do wrong? please Help him Hashem.

I daven for him everyday.

This child is now lost, a destroyed Neshama (he says hes an atheist)

I don't judge or blame him.

I am sick inside Please Hashem guide my anger and discust over this.

Sincerely: The mother of another victim of Rabbi Boruch Erps.
After receiving the e-mail, I contacted the mother and asked if the boy would come to the DA's office and tell his story, we can still prosecute until he turns 23. We are hoping that he will.
This Shabbos we got info that not only did Erps molest this boy but he molested his cousin as well, that boy is now 10 years old. How long are we as a community going to allow this to go on? Why is Erps still davening in a shul and getting Aliyas?
We are looking for any victim of Erps to come forward so we can lock up this walking time bomb.
Note to parents: we will keep this totally in confidence, but if you don't come forward,  our society will collapse in short order. Molesters will have been given the message that they can get away with murder, and I mean murder. This guy murdered this teen's soul!
The DA informed me that Erps was actually arrested last year but they had to let him go after the two potential witnesses backed off because of community pressure!


Anonymous said...

Why is no one suing YSV?

Anonymous said...

this community deserves it. I went after my molester and he ran to israel. i stood up to the pressure and at the end of the day not only do people in the community respect me but even those who were mad at me at least half of them treat me now properly. And when it came to shidduchim I had no problems b"H!

Anonymous said...

To the last 'poster':

"The community deserves it"?
That, and your non-nonsensical statements following it, tell us that your mind was molested as well.

Or, you're basically saying that your molesting turned out fine for you.


Anonymous said...

This blog will never be anything more than a loshon harah rag if you continue to lie and make up three quarters of your stories.

FACT: There were no witnesses to the incident that led Erps to be fired from YSV. Your claim that two witnesses were pressured is nonsense because there were zero witnesses.

FACT: The incident came to light when the child told one of his parents, who immediately informed the yeshiva, and the yeshiva immediately called the police.

FACT: Erps was arrested and admitted to what he did. The case was FULLY adjudicated in court. Your claim that you spoke to Zugibe may have happened in your dreams, but in the real world, Erps plea bargained as is his right. No one was pressured and no one covered this up.

As to the rest of your post, no mother of a molested child signs her name "mother of another victim of Rabbi Boruch Erps"

Firstly, she wouldn't refer to Erps as rabbi, and second, how does she know her kid is "another" victim?

Baalei batim of Monsey want to protect their children and rid our yeshivos of molesters. YSV acted swiftly and appropriately, unlike you, a liar. And we know who you are, here's a kiss for you, good luck answering to the Ribbono Shel Olam.

Anonymous said...

Um, yeah, and when you make up a phony email from a poor mother of a nebech off the derech loser, spell the word disgust correctly.

Dusiznies said...

To Anonymous 2;49
All your "Facts" are lies and you are probably either a child molester yourself or supporting a Rodef!
Your "Fact #1":
FACT: There were no witnesses to the incident that led Erps to be fired from YSV. Your claim that two witnesses were pressured is nonsense because there were zero witnesses.
My Answer:
There are never any witnesses to any rape! The "Witnesses" I was talking about are the VICTIMS themselves! Victims after they talk to authorities become "witnesses"
Your "Fact#2":
FACT: The incident came to light when the child told one of his parents, who immediately informed the yeshiva, and the yeshiva immediately called the police.
My Answer:
So there was an incident!!! You, yourself, is saying there was an "incident"... its actually true that YSV called Police ..
Your "Fact#3":
FACT: Erps was arrested and admitted to what he did. The case was FULLY adjudicated in court. Your claim that you spoke to Zugibe may have happened in your dreams, but in the real world, Erps plea bargained as is his right. No one was pressured and no one covered this up.
My Answer:
Again YOU write that he admitted to what he did?
Now for your blatant lies: He was never "FULLY adjudicated in court, because he was never indicted, because the two victims backed off after being pressured by the clueless Rabbonim, who are going to give a din v'chesbon after they drop dead!
You then write that he "plea bargained!" Tell me how do you plea bargain if you have never been charged with a crime? What are you blabbing about?
And if he did nothing, why did he have to "plea bargain?"
Now for the rest of your lies, if you think that one word of my post is a lie, let the Menuval Erps sue me for defamation.... how about that?
For the rest of the readers:
I did meet in person with the mother who wrote the email, and saw the victim. She is torn apart and told me that her whole "life is down the drain, because of Erps!" As far as the other victim is concerned the now 10 year old boy, I know his parents personally and the young victim needs alot of help!
I ask anyone with more information to contact
DA Thomas P. Zugibe
Rockland County District Attorney's Office
1 South Main Street, Suite 500
New City, New York 10956
Phone: (845) 638.5001 Fax: (845) 638.5298

Anonymous said...

To Anon 2:49
I dont understand your post. You agree that Erps is a if he molested one that you agree he did, couldn't there be another one?
I happen to know of three incidents with Erps that occured in Erps house and forwarded the info to Dusiznies.

Anonymous said...

Abe Kiss is a liar. The ysv student was not pressured into not testifying. Kiss calls the victim a witness, but the two are not the same. No one was pressured in that episode.

Kiss knows Erps isn't suing anyone so he makes the ridiculous challenge to sue him. How stupid is that?

Erps is guilty, Erps himself admitted that he did what was alleged by the child. So where is the cover up?

Kiss claims the boy is now ten. That would put him in fifthe grade which would be a miracle because the Erps incident happened about 18 months ago and the boy was in pre 1a. And then he lies about the boy needing a lot of help, but he doesn't mention that insofar as the incident itself, by all accounts the boy is fine. Not every indecent act, which this was, results in dramatic changes and disorders. Suffice to say kiss dusiznies is a liar, the boy is fine, Erps has been fired and end of story.

The email sounds bogus, period.

Anonymous said...

To the last poster:

You are an outright disgusting person. I am not the author of this blog - but I myself met the Son and Mother about 3 weeks ago. Would you like to meet them - and see for yourself if they are lying?? You do not have any of the facts of this particular case. After 120 years - you will be punished for defending this Erps PIG. Yes he is a sick pig who molested, raped, and ruined many lives.

If you give your number to this blog author - he will get in touch with me and we'll set up a meeting with the victim. See for yourself. I am 100% confident that you yourself will turn into an advocate of this victim and family.

Dusiznies said...

To Anon 12:10
Whats your problem? We are on the same page, we both know that Erps is a filthy child molester. The boy is not ok btw...
The victims I am writing about are ones to that just come to light.....
If you us
and we will put you in touch with the parents...

Dusiznies said...

Anon 12:10
You can make all the calculations you wish, but the facts unfortunately remain, that Erps is a serial child molester...
Again the victim that we interviewed is now 17 and turning 18, and the Erps molestation just came out in therapy a couple of weeks ago. In addition, this victim has a cousin who is now 10 years old and was also raped by the Monster Erps..
There are many victims out there and we need to get in touch with them so that we can make a case without pressure against this monser so that he can be locked up.. that was the purpose of the posting of the Erps story, eventhough he is no longer in YSV.
And we agree that YSV did the right thing and called police as soon as they found out, but this does negate that Monster Erps perpertrated his sexual urges on many innocent children who are ruined for life.

Anonymous said...

I can pick up the phone and call the victim's family whenever I want. Clearly I know more about them than you.

We are not on the same page - this blog lied outright when claiming witnesses were pressured in the last case when Erps was arrested - there were no witnesses and no one ever refers to a victim as a witness.

Nor was the victim pressured. Nor is he ten.

The problem with Abe Kiss and his ilk is that he thinks he is helping when in fact elaborating on the truth is the same as lying.

Dusiznies said...

To our readers:
It is now 30 hours since I gave Anonymous the e-mail address and he has as yet not emailed us for the phone # of the newly discovered victims!
He keeps writing about Abe Kiss, Abe Kiss Abe Kiss etc., throwing out names and ranting in his comments like a demented lunatic.. "witnessess, victims,... victims witnessess... but nothing of substance!
We will continue our holy work to rip and expose Child Molestors from our midst!

Anonymous said...

in cases like this, charges are not dropped because witnesses won't testify. THEY ARTE DROPPED BECAUSE THEY WERE FOUND TO BE UNTRUE.Some sick parent,wanting to "get even" with Rabbi Erps for whatever stupid reason, came up with these false accusations.There are no witnesses, no evidence, no proof whatsoever to prove anything other than that - false accusations.In our sick society, blame has to be put on someone for the failure some kids.(parents will never admit it might be their own fault)So they find a Karban to burn on an alter,to cleanse themselves of their wrongdoings...and who better than a devoted melamed.Sadly, there is a problem in the Yiddishe community of such sinful,criminal behavior..and it should be flushed out.But that does not include burning the innocent at-the-stake.The recent accusation could have been resolved a lot sooner, had the real witnesses been allowed to speak...but the lawyers wanted to make their money ( and,boy, did they!) Then they allowed true which the YSV rabbonim replied..they wish they knew this right from the start--it would have been resolved then&there.To all the "accusers"I want to say:you will be severely punished, in this world and in the next. Hashem doesn't approve of you, and you will pay the price...a special place in Gehinom is prepared. For the rest of you, who only repeat what you hear through the Loshon Hora grapevine, and know NOTHING of the facts...S H U T U P!Gehinom is a big place,accomodates many,you are going there too!!

Dusiznies said...

I left the above message intact, so that people see why there are so many child molesters around. They are being backed by people who take pity on a menuval like Erps while denying that anything happened.Loshon Hara does not apply to this pervert, on the contrary, Mitzvah L'farseim. I know for a fact that the Menuval Erps is a child molester, and if anybody needs anymore info they can contact us.

Anonymous said...

Anom 12:08 PM:

One can tell just from the way you write that you are a rasha.

Anonymous said...

thank you for leaving my post ineditted..your response only proves to me that 1)you are not interested in the truth.You are like those stupid tabloids in pathmark. 2)your "mission" is to destroy people,their lives & families to satisfy a dark,ugly side of your being. 3)You do NOT care about the Torah,& mitzvos, otherwise you would not be doing such "favors" for society. 4) you are a narrow-minded person that thinks you know all the facts. Guess what? you are wrong!I am the last person to defend a PROVEN molester. I KNOW FOR A FACT that you "info" is just for sensationalism in this case [and probably others]You just want to see a lynching...much like the Whites of the south used to do to Black men...They were never guilty - just Black!A thought: change your name from dusiznies to dusizRechilus/MotzeiShemRa. It fits much better to your style.Besides all the other posts that "came forward"that Hell will surely join them.

Dusiznies said...

To Anon 6:43PM
The one who "Hell awaits" will be Erps and people like you who support him. It is not my mission to destroy him or anybody else, it is my mission to tell the world that we will no longer allow perverts and molestors to destroy our precious little defenseless children.
Erps is a pedofile and the sooner he gets locked up for destroying the lives of defenseless children the better!
I will no longer allow you or any supporter of this Menuval to comment on this is not fair to the "Tinokas Shel Bais Rabon"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have recently bailed out an accused child molester. It is possible that he actually did it but I for one feel that until proven guilty he is innocent.
You on the other hand, in the guise of helping the "victims" are doing just the opposite. A juicy story landed in your lap and you are going to Town with it. This you call Journalism? Maybe in some supermarket rag but has no place in any moral society. I feel bad for the "victims" if they were abused and to what extent we do not know. I, having been an abused child as well, don't use that fact as an excuse as to why I am not religious, Or off the Derech as you say. I did not look to destroy anyone and live a normal life.
You my friend are making a living by writing this smear campaign. Please remove this picture until all the facts come out. You may wish to answer that you were put on this earth to make sure he pays. Let The Ribono Sholom deal with it. You are not g-d's messenger. You are so gung ho that you never even bothered to think that maybe it is not that clear and maybe just maybe he didn't do this. The only proof that you bring is two cousins are saying the same thing and the accuser by definition becomes his witness.
Makes sense to you? Not to me.It is "possible" that some or even all is true but "possible" is not enough to destroy a life. By destroying Erps you won't make the accusers problems go away.
You have already tried, judged and Jailed this man by smearing his picture on your blog. Please take a moment and rethink what you are doing.

Anonymous said...

thank you Feb2 for your response..,you are one that makes sense. I know for a fact that Rabbi Erps IS 100% innocent. like you said a "juicy" story he wants to keep circulating for his own entertainment. He doesn't care.I am truly sorry that you had to suffer...this must have been painful for you to resurface your bad experiences.I wish you well....

Anonymous said...

To Anon Feb 2, 12:07am: Are you related to Erps? Are you willfully forgetting his arrest and plea bargain 2 years ago for the same issue? If not for blogspots like this one, pedophiles and molesters would continue to have a field day as in the past! The only inroads into routing this scourge from our community has been made by a grass roots outcry. And even so, the support for pedophiles far outweighs the support for vicitms. I believe the Ribbono-Shel-Olam Himself is backing the blogspots!

Anonymous said...

To the poster who thinks people make up sex abuse claims to get back at some rabbi- really? Nobody in sane condition would ever do that. And no false claim would ever lead to a plea bargain - ever. So to those who defend a child rapist based on his old age and position in the community are as guilty as if they had held the boy down during the rape.
In a just world this sicko would be sent to prison where he would be raped daily by those with AIDS.
Those who harm kids are the devil incarnate and those who side with him will be held to account.

Anonymous said...

Thank you comment number 23,
I am the one who wrote the letter and it is so nice to get some support.
you have said it so well.
I find it amazing that people are so willing to shame the victim,which of course perpetuates this evil.
I know deep inside that Hashem will bring justice,so now I will just concentrate on helping my son.
I hope all those so against the victim never have to go through being on this side of coin.
sincerely: Broken heart Mom

Mo said...

This is not a BML or a MT case that I know for a fact that they are guilty as hell from true sources

Did anyone of you guys follow the whole story of Erps? Well I did from both side and its bogus
and you did not receive a email from a mother when other bigger and better bloggers that tried to didn't so stop the bs
Find out the whole story

Unknown said...

Bailed out a child molester.. Just say who you are. I'm almost certain I know ..very few people are so low that they defend child molesters..most people defend the innocent..not fill their shul with countless criminals who hurt children and families.

Unknown said...

How exactly so you know. You think children in our community know enough about these are things to make up accusations? Shame on you.I know we like to think the best of those we respect but I learned long ago things aren't always as they seem and there are many damaged people who in turn damage others.funny everyone seems to want to remain anonymous...where is the courage to do what's right?