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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Satmar Bio Printed Pictures of females! Oy Vey!!!!

This Bio of the Satmar Rebbe, R' Yoel Teitelbaum, was printed in 1980 by Yoisef Sheinberger

This book is no longer in print .... (I wonder why?)but if you peruse this book, you can see pictures of women all over, and even the photo of the Rebbe's levayeh has a picture with women.

The above photo in the the Satmar Book depicts the three daughters of R' Moishe Eisen, murdered by Arabs.

The above photo of the same book depicts R' Elyeh Frisch, his wife and children

The above picture is the Satmar Rebbe at the Kotel when it was controlled by Arabs, probably in 1947. After 1948, the Arabs prohibited Jews from  davening at the Kotel

After the Israelis captured the Kotel, in 1967, the Satmar Rebbe prohibited his chassidim from visiting the kotel,,,'
It was ok when Arabs controlled it, but its not ok when Jews are in control!


Anonymous said...

Hey, you cant complain Dus.
Oh wait, I guess u still find a way to.

Abe said...

I try not to look at pictures of females, be they grown women or children, because they might excite my libido. But Satmar females are not ordinary women or children. I’m afraid to look at them because they discharge an ayin hora at anyone seized by their image or gaze.
Also, call me unreasonably suspicious and fearful but I don’t want to happen to me what happened to Lot’s wife.
That’s why I wear hi-tech AI facial recognition glasses that obscures women's and girls’ faces whenever I’m forced to enter Williamsburg or Kiryas Yoel. One time I drove into Williamsburg but forgot to wear my special AI Satmar glasses and I accidentally looked at a very sexy lady’s face dressed with a hat on top of her shaytel.
Almost immediately my bad luck Ayin Hora began. I was delayed for 15 minutes, stuck behind an empty Satmar school bus. Then I ran over a cat. A week later I got a $50 ticket because I was caught by a defective red light camera . To make matters worse, when I got home my skin was coated witha light coat of salt!
Don’t go to a Satmar town without those special glasses! You have all been warned!

Yosh55 said...

Its not out of print...i saw it a few days ago at the עין יעקב book store in meah sharim...there is also a new hebrew edition...