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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Catholic students chant 'you killed Jesus' at basketball game against school with high number of Jewish students

Catholic Memorial School has apologized after some of its students chanted 'you killed Jesus' during a  game against  a school with a large Jewish enrollment. Above Memorial's crowd at a previous game. There is no suggestion the students pictured were involved in Friday's incident

I always wondered what kind of crazies adhere to a religion that believes that their God can get killed?

Who do they think is running the world, now that he is dead?

And who ran the world before he was born?

Why do they care that a Jew murdered another Jew?

  • Catholic Memorial School students  shouted the chant 'you killed Jesus' at the school with a large Jewish enrollment
  • Chanting horrified and upset many who were attending Friday game between Newton North and Memorial
  • Newton Superintendent David Fleishman said he found behavior 'chilling'
  • Catholic Memorial President Peter Folan apologized on Saturday for what he called 'abhorrent behavior' 

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    Echter yid said...

    And who molested over a million Catholic children over periods of years,? Wasn't it /popes/bishops/priests/cardinals/? Is the problem who killed Jesus,? Or who killed live children but over million children in the Catholic church,? Wasn't it a like an explosion what happened in the Catholic church?