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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bibi Netanyahu's Chareidie Daughter gives birth to a girl

Mazal Tov to Bibi! 

His daughter just gave birth to his
 first granddaughter.

Not much is known about Noa Netanyahu-Roth who prefers

 to remain out of the limelight. 

She is Bibi's first child and is ultra-Orthodox. 
She lives in Mea Shearim, Jerusalem’s most
 staunchly Charedi neighborhood.

Noa Netanyahu


Echter yid said...

Bibi netanyahus father was a frum yid, who lived in America,in Manhattan in the west side, he went every single day early in the morning to a shiur daf hayomi, by hook and crook,he was every single day by his shiur daf hayomi,in shull and davend shacharis,early in the morning right after the shiur, not only that, when his life took a bad turn he was admitted to mount Sinai hospital in the west side, and rebbi eliezer hager ( son of viznitzer rebbe shlita from monsey ) took care on him in hospital, yes he lived in America, in the west side,,but by the end bibi did put pressure on mount Sinai hospital and bibi with the help of Israel sent a private jet with Israeli doctors and flew him back to Israel with the team of doctors on board where he died in Israeli hospital ,2, weeks after he was transferred to Israel, from America,

Anonymous said...

No doubt Bibi's father was killed by the Satmar rebbe. I can't understand why DIN doesn;t mention it.

I can't wait for Bibi's new grandson - in 10-15 years time - to attack Charedi/Chardak soldiers in Meah Shearim