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Sunday, April 26, 2015

"There was not a single tzaddik in Sodom”: Says Mother of IDF officer attacked in Meah Shearim

Meah Searim Mamzeirim smash auto of IDF Tzaddik

A 24-year-old Givati Brigade officer serving in Nachal Chareidi arrived in Meah Shearim to visit with two of his chareidi soldiers. After leaving the home children began to taunt him and then it escalated to throwing eggs and stones. The officer tried taking cover in his vehicle and to drive out of the area but the attackers blocked the road while continuing to pelt the vehicle with stones.

The front and side windows, which are fortified against rock attacks, did not break but the rear window was smashed. It took a few minutes for the soldier to extricate himself from the mob and flee the area. 

The officer’s mother told Ynet “He traveled in his own vehicle that has protective glass because we live in Kiryat Arba. He tried running from the area but the children prevented him from doing so and a window on the car was mashed. They had to extricate him from their by the skin of this teeth. You could see the murder in their eyes like terrorists from Khan Yunis in the last war. No one from that entire mob made an effort to assist him. There was not a single tzaddik in Sodom”.

She added “My vehicle is a mess and while the parents of the children who attacked it slept during the war, I did not dare to shut my eyes while my son was in Shajaia. I am unwilling to remain silent”.

Here are some idiotic comments placed on Yeshivaworld blog  comment page!

  • real yid says:
    Deri is responsible for supporting Oslo which caused a thousand dead Jews. What yidden in meah shearim did is in protest of shmad. A frum young yeshiva boy in an army that supports immorality is spiritual death. I understand why chareidim attack the IDF bums.

  • chilliworker2 says:
    chen chen #2. Fully agree with you.
    This soldier is not a fanatic that doesn't hear radio, nor read papers, and probably has a TV, so why on earth did he come to Meah Shearim to visit his friends in his IDF garb??? He was asking for this!!!


  • yankelshim says:
    Question to 2 and 3. Why weren’t these righteous boys in the Beis Medrash learning instead of hanging around in the streets looking for trouble? Their parents are responsible for raising such Chayos. If only their parents would send them to the army they might have a chance at becoming mentchen.

    Anonymous said...

    As I alluded in the other thread, this garbage like from these 2 chol'yeras doesn't happen in a vacuum... The leaders who taught them this, should be handcuffed , arrested and booked ASAP...
    Start with the "HaPetzel" leadership... You know, the extortionist criminal frummies trying to shake down business ownsers for ads... The frummie Sharptons & Jesse Jerksons...
    What these robots don't see is that the leadership wants control... By keeping the masses uneducated, primitive, tied to the yeshiva 24/7 w/o trying to support a family... They're afraid...!!! Deathly afraid that any bochur might think for himself... So these Taliban resort to using out Torah for their personal negiyeh... Open your eyes, you circus elephants, monkeys and pappageis.... They're feeding you peanuts to keep you playing and dancing... They have no interest in you... ONLY themselves...
    SO... Run and drop them.... They'll keep you enslaved and threaten you with their phony toire'lech to keep you zombies in line....

    Derby... Rabbanit Tammy Kol Toov, editor.

    Anonymous said...

    This is to be expected when the mob are all what are known as Sicari.

    They also attack Rav Shternbuch and other big talmidei chochomim.

    Most of the groups are against the Sicari including Toldos Aharon, a group of whom once rescued Rav Shternbuch from serious physical assault.