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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Satmar Rebbe of Monroe Blesses Boro-Park Salami

Satmar Rebbe Of Kiryas Yoel Putting Up a Mezuzah at The New Satmar Butcher in Boro Park (Photos By JDN) - 


Anonymous said...

WOW you're really obsessed with R' AT of kj, and why didn't you advice if we should smile/laugh or what on the header of this post, but just keep platzing of the satmar continuous expenditures

Dusiznies said...

English please .... English!

Romanisher Ferd said...

I thought you were going to say baloney.

Just wait until he goes to a milchdik place so you can say he is cutting the cheese.

Anonymous said...

the farshtinkene baloney is putting on a mezuzah on the salami gesheft

Abe said...

When the Rav of Satmar, Judah Grunwald, died on March 9, 1920 he was so heilig that he went straight to Shamayim. He didn't spend one day in gehenim!. There he found an endless array of appealing foods --- delicious kugels, 5 types of chulent an endless assortment of cold cuts and other delicacies.
At the end of a long tish he sees Moshe Rabbeinu. So he goes over to him and asks: “Tell me. Who’s your mashgiach?” Moshe Rabbeunu answers, “ Hashem, Yisborach Shemo himself is the Mashgiach!.” The Satmar Rebbe thinks for moment, and then says, “I’ll have the fruit plate.

fresser said...

Salami, baloney

Let's make a pshora mit aufshnit