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Monday, March 16, 2015

Rav Shteinman: Mitzvah to Vote "Gimmel"


Anonymous said...

Big deal! He's not the first MEISIS UMADIACH, and btw HU SAMACH MEM ×4 PLUS THE KOLLEL IS GIMATRIA the full name of Steinman

Dusiznies said...

Dear Readers
I'm not deleting the above comment so that you can all see how the Satmar savages comment against anyone who doesn't support their SHIT 'ah

Anonymous said...

Since when is Steinem or kanievsky the sole proprietor of bashing and cursing whoever does not follow their orders
And btw who really cares if you do or don't delete comments

Anonymous said...

Satmar rasha above- We all see now what a rasha you are. APIKORES:ZEH HAMIVAZEH TALMID CHOCHOM. Im sorry you lost your chelek in oilam habah. Im not gonna do all the gamtriah with you rebbe's name because even if I do not agree with someone shitta I am able to, like a jew not a goy like you, respect there opinion.

Anonymous said...

Calm down! Let me get to the point, TALMID CHUCHOM SHEIN BOI DAAS NEVEILA TOVA MEMANU, Now a talmid chuchom shyesh boi daas LEHORA And under his authority - in order to maximize the voter turnout-they have chutzpah to falsify gedolim from previous generations, and furthermore they publicized a book with lies and litzanus against gedolim who are not following Steinmans SHITa, and i am the mevazeh? And let's not mix in satmar, Steinman and his spokesperson from RASHBAM 23 spoke and harassed Reb Shmuel Orbach WHY? Because he disagrees with Steinem