Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Yerushalyim Rabbi Gives a New Meaning to Kiruv .....arrested on suspicion of sexual assault.

 A rabbi in his 50s, from Jerusalem, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of sexually assaulting women, Israel Hayom reported.

Police have also arrested two of those close to the "rabbi."

According to Israel Hayom, the "rabbi" in question heads an organization dedicated towards helping Jews come closer to Judaism.

The arrest follows the receipt of complaints which raise suspicion of sexual offenses, as well as exploitation crimes and financial crimes. The investigation raised the suspicion that the "rabbi" carried out his crimes against women for whom he served as a "spiritual father," as part of their process of returning to Judaism.


Anonymous said...

The Rabbi claims there was nothing between him and those women, well that is exactly the allegations.

Anonymous said...

Why aren’t you mentioning this member of the cloths name isn’t part of the allegations that there was nothing between them?

Anonymous said...