Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Sassover Rebbe Slams COVID Vaccine, Calls Doctors “Murderers” Says He Saved 30,000 People With His "Drops"

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He says that the "government of Israel doesn't care about people" He is talking about a government that sends its doctors all over the world to save people... the government that sent the IDF to rescue Jews ... not Israelis... Jews .. to Ethiopia during the Entebbe raid... this government that fought and died for this guy ... 

he says that his "Drops" saved over 30,000 people... 

This guy is delusional and dangerous ... and spews out right lies ... he falsely claims that you need 10 people to get married ..and that the government wouldn't allow even 10... al pi halacha if you have two witnesses when giving your bride a ring ... you are married and if you want out you need a divorce.

Then he brings a story that he sat with Rav Eliyashiv for 2 hours and that Rav Eliyashiv couldn't understand why someone would take a vaccine that wasn't out at least three years on the market ...

This "Story" makes absolutely no sense on so many levels... First of all it's hard to believe that Rav Elyashiv would sit and chat with someone for "two hours" especially with this guy .... second of all there was no pandemic of this magnitude in Israel where people are dying like flies and therefore Rav Eliyashiv if he said that and I doubt that he did, wasn't talking about Covid-19 ...

 During his final shiur on Chanukah, Rabbi Yosef Dovid Teitelbaum, otherwise known as the Sassover Rebber, raised a number of tough questions with regard to the distribution of the Coronavirus vaccinations that are now being administered in Israel and other countries.

“It is not easy for me to say this. I thought a lot about whether to speak and I know I will be criticized for it. The Gedolim have stated their opinion regarding vaccinations and I am like dust before them but even dust can say its opinion.”

“I had the good fortune to be partly responsible for saving the lives of 30,000 people who received the Matan Chaim drops. I gave these drops in America as well. People who were willing to commit the folly of going to the hospital where nobody recovered, I begged them not to go and gave them Matan Chaim drops and they recovered.”

The Rebbe went on to attack many members of the medical society. “The doctors are murderers since they don’t permit the use of the drops and these murderers are now telling us to take the vaccine. I don’t know, maybe it’s a good vaccine but we don’t know. When will we know? When there is harm? Already now they are saying that people with allergies can’t take it, as it is a live virus being injected into the body.”

The Rebbe then begged forgiveness from those who have different opinions. “With all due respect to those Askanim who went and researched the issue and then went to the Gedolim and obtained their signatures allowing for their followers to take the vaccines, I’m not talking about them since they have their interests and can help people. But to those who ask me, I tell them to care for their own lives and not take the vaccine.”

The Rebbe then sharply attacked the Israeli government for the way it has managed the pandemic. “Life is worthless in the eyes of the government. Only commerce is permitted. Prayer and shuls are forbidden, weddings are prohibited, one couldn’t even marry in a minyan this year, since they wanted ‘to cause us to forget Your Torah.’ There was never such an edict prohibiting weddings. The miracle took place that the police were too lazy to enforce it. These are the people who are supposed to save lives? These are the Greeks and the Hellenists. We have Torah sages. When it comes to matters regarding issues of life and death, we need a Sanhedrin. We cannot suffice with a proclamation by Askanim who took their research to the Gedolim.”

I sat with Rabbi Elyashiv in 1980, and we discussed a medical matter for more than two hours. At the end of our deliberation, Rabbi Elyashiv said: How can one take responsibility for a product that has only been on the market for a year or two? How are we to know that it won’t cause harm later? How can we permit a person to let such a thing enter one’s body? Perhaps we could allow it if the item was on the market for such a short time and the entire world checked it, not just a few companies.”




Asiatisher Marmorosher Ferd said...

He needs to tell us which medication Rav Elyashev was scared of. Maybe there was an equivalent available.

The Sassover doesn't even know what he's talking about! There is no live virus in the vaccine! He may have been duped by an anti-vaxx disinformation campaign to scare people over the RNA component that "enters cells" which would then tamper with DNA, when it does not in fact enter cells.

Anonymous said...

Another primitive fundamentalist talking shit.

Time for this dangerously ignorant roidef to be removed - by force if necessary.

What a state of affairs????


jancsibacsi said...

Another mindless moron who thinks he is the smartest of them all

Anonymous said...

According to ORTHODOX Jewish law you need 10 adult males for the birchas nisuin. As the Gemara says in kisubos and in shulchan aruch and Rambam. "10 men, kallah biloh bracha ASSURAH LABALA KINIDAH".
Yes DIN I know, you probably never learned Hebrew, so you don't understand anything I'm talking about. But for the rest of us your just showing again what an ignoramus Hm Ha'aretz -drop out you are...

Dusiznies said...

First of all I want to thank you for following my blog ...it is because of great people like you that I will hit 10 million views tomorrow...

I will now tell you the halacha.... but first ..let me tell you what happened years ago at a carnival ... where they had a booth called
Bride for a Day" ... a boy went over to the girl in the booth , and jokingly brought two other boys over and gave her a ring asked her to marry her and she agreed ...he put the ring on in front of the 2 witnesses and said "harei at" ..there wasn't a minyan there .. R' Moshe Feinstein ruled that she needed a get..look it up in his Tshuvois..

The requirement that a congregation of at least ten adult Jewish males be present for the wedding service was evolved gradually. In Talmudic times, when the nuptials and betrothal were two distinct ceremonies separated by up to a year’s time, the nuptials were emphasized; betrothals were most often held informally at home. There was no stated need for an authorized rabbi, or a minyan.

As a consequence of this loose structure, many "doubtful" marriages resulted from boyish pranks or the desire to blackmail the fathers of unsuspecting young girls. Numerous responsa were written in reference to this problem, "so that the daughters of Israel may not be considered as unprotected property" to be treated with careless abandon. As a result, the betrothals required an ordained rabbi, the minyan was considered desirable at betrothals for the public pronouncement of the blessings, and the ketubah was read publicly. In this way, the community placed its official stamp on the marriage.

"According to the Halakhah, the nuptials require a minyan of ten men, which includes the groom and his two witnesses, (the minyan, unlike the witnesses, may be related to the groom).

The presence of the minyan during betrothals, considered "desirable" in the Talmud, was made a requirement in the eighth century by Rabbi Ahai, author of She’iltot. If no minyan is present and the betrothals cannot be delayed, the betrothal blessing may be pronounced. The blessing is valid, as the presence of a minyan is only a post-Talmudic precaution."

Again I thank you for following my blog ...Love you :)

Sassover Rebel said...

We are in a pandemic ...R' Akiva Eiger and R' Yaakov Emdin paskened L'halacha that no minyan is required during dangerous times...
During WW2 many people got married without a minyan ... in fact R' Dessler ruled that this was desirable for people in Siberia as not to attract the attention of the Russians.
The "Shoel Umeishiv" paskens that in times of war or any other danger a wedding should be done with two witnesses and a rav ..no minyan
The Divrei Chayim ruled that a wedding performed in front of two reliable witnesses is valid and requires a get if they change their minds even if there wasn't a minyan ..and he paskedned like this when the situation was not dangerous ...

Brisker Payois said...

This "minyan business" for a marriage is a din in le'katchilah it is not a din be'deved" ...in other words if a marriage took place with two valid witnesses with no minyan ..the marriage is valid
there isn't a rav in the world that would invalidate this marriage.
My father told me that in the Kovno Ghetto the Rav was Rav Oshri and he presided at multiple weddings and there was no minyan at any of them.