Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jews supporting Hamas run like a bunch of chickens when they hear sirens in Jerusalem, video

(Scroll down for video) It was an ironic scene at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where students held a pro-Hamas rally. During the rally, a red alert siren sounded warning residents of an incoming Gaza missile sending all the students running for cover. The rocket was fired by Hamas who these students support.

It is difficult to explain how some people can turn on their own people and support the enemy, but that is exactly what happened at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

After a rally in support of Hamas, students at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem waved pictures of Netanyahu with blood on his hands. A pro-Zionist group filed a complaint with the police and is committed to combat this type of future events, according to press reports.

Pro-Zionist organization Im Tirtzu filed a complaint with the Israeli Police in Jerusalem on Wednesday following a pro-Hamas rally on the campus of the Hebrew University this week. The organization says that the manifestation of incitement is unacceptable.

On Tuesday, about 100 students, mostly Arabs but also some of the radical left, held up  
doctored photos depicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with bloody hands to protest the Pillar of
Defense Operation in the Gaza Strip. These images are known to have been used in the past in similar protests and have even come to facebook and twitter.
 At the same time, Im Tirtzu, which describes itself as a movement that aims to educate the public about Zionist values ​​organized a counter-demonstration.

The movement demonstrated in support of the Israel Defense Forces during the military campaign of eight days in the Gaza Strip.

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