Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jewish Doctor dies saving 2 drowning boys

A doctor died while saving two boys.
Dr. Donald Liu did not hesitate when he saw the two children struggling to swim in the rough waters of Lake Michigan.

Despite the objections of his own children, who were concerned about the dangerous conditions, Liu ran along the beach in Berrien County, Michigan, and plunged into the lake to help the boys, who had fallen from a kayak, according to Liu's wife and the authorities.

An elite pediatric surgeon of Chicago, Liu reached the two boys, said his wife, Dr. Dana Suskind. However, the rip current emerging from beneath the waves of 5 feet of water dragged the doctor below the surface, said Bruce McKamey, a police officer from Chikaming municipality.

Emergency personnel who arrived around 10:40 am local time on Sunday, took Liu, 50, from the water and Suskind, who is also a surgeon, performed CPR on her husband of over 17 years. The
children, to who the doctor swam to save, were friends of the family. They did return safely to shore thanks to the help of the doctor. But Liu was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

"It was horrible," Suskind said Monday. "He had the biggest heart. He was a brilliant surgeon, but what was amazing about him was that he was the best father, this was his priority in life, and he loved me with all his heart."
Liu and Suskind belong to a prominent Jewish community in Chicago.

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