Thursday, January 26, 2012

R' Zalman Leib Teitelbaum, Satmar Rebbi of Williamsburg, rejects reconciliation with Belz!

The Bais Din of R' Zalman Leib, sent an open letter to the Satmar paper Der Yid, stating that they absolutely reject any reconciliation with Belz and blamed Belzer Chassidus and its leader for making "changes in age-old chinuch" and "for becoming too close with the Zionist establishment." This letter was signed by six leading dayanim and rabbonim of the kehillah of R' Zalman Leib. We reported last week that R' Zalman Leib denounced the Belzer Rebbi for asking Chareidim to stop the violence in Yerushalyim.
The Baal Mochlokas Rebbi, R' Zalman Leib Shlitah
We (Dusizneis) believe that the only reason R' Aaron Teitelbaum accepted Shalom with Belz is because the two Rebbis, are brother-in-laws, married to two sisters. The sisters are very close, and speak to each other on a weekly basis in the "tumedike" language Ivrit.


Anonymous said...

well,well,what elese would you expect from this ignorant savage,
this charachter has been in secular court for the last 10 years fighting his brother,and asking the gentile court to determine who has the right to be the godfather,''the capo de capo''
of that vicious Israel and jew hating gang calling themselves Satmar,what a CHILLUL HASHEM.


Ernie Schwarcz said...

Isn't it ironic that Aharon was the Oihev Sholem v'Roidef Sholem, and that Yekusiel was one of the names of Moishe Rabbeinu? Well, well, you two guys. How about making peace with each other? Frimme Yiden. And Brothers. And (allegedly) Chassidic leaders. And Tamidei Chachomim. How much money in legal fees could be saved, and instead used for Tzedoke and Chessed ? How many Hundreds, no Thousands, of hours could be saved, and instead used for spreading peaceful messages, for learning Toireh, for planning and Oiftin for Yiddishkeit? How much Chillul Hashem could be avoided? The Dor Hamabul was wiped out because they had no Achdus - the Dor Haflogeh (which rebelled against the Riboinoi Shel Oilom) was spared because at least they had Achdus (only as a punishment were they separated into 70 languages). Are Ari and Zalmi not ashamed of themselves? And what's all this for? Each one has enough Shuls, enough Millions, enough Chassidim, enough influence. Can't they pool their resources, Koiches, efforts, for the good of Yiddishkeit ? A Kish in Tuches, the two of you.