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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

42-year-old woman jumped out of her office window in Ramat Gan’s Diamond Exchange After "aggressive" Police Questioning

Mazal Hadadi ע''ה

Israel billionaire Lev Leviev's diamond company LLD has asked Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit to probe the circumstances of the suicide of Mrs. Mazal Hadadi who was questioned under caution this week in connection with a massive diamond smuggling scandal.

The 42-year-old woman jumped out of her office window in Ramat Gan’s Diamond Exchange District on Tuesday night.

"The circumstances of her death raise the suspicion that she took her life due to severe emotional distress due to the aggressive and disproportionate investigation she was subjected to in recent days," the letter stated.

Naive Frum Jews Voted For the Dems and Get Kicked in the ASS!!!! New NYS Guidelines Require Yeshiva Elementary Schools to Teach AT LEAST 6 HOURS A DAY of Secular Studies

So where is Simcha Felder? HMMMMM???
Where is the Monroe Satmar Rebbe?????
Didn't they say that it's "Daas Torah" to vote for the Democrats???? Hmmmm???

The only way out is that all Yeshivois practice what the preach for Israel .....the Satmar SHIT" ........
"Stop taking $$$$$$$$ from the Medinah!!
If they stop taking federal and state funds.... and if they use their own transportation, then they can  continue making their children ignorant ... no problem ... 

Private and religious schools that don’t provide instruction substantially equivalent to New York state’s public schools will be threatened with loss of funding for textbooks, transportation and other services under new state Education Department rules released Tuesday.

Jona Rechnitz & Jeremy Reichenberg Dressed As Santa Claus Delivering Bribes

Accused cop-briber Jeremy Reich­berg and cohort Jona Rechnitz donned Santa hats and cruised around in a black Aston Martin convertible to deliver Christmas grifts to officers on Staten Island, according to videos and photos released Tuesday.
The pricey goodies, including Nintendo games and American Girl dolls, were delivered to Reich­berg’s co-defendant, former NYPD Deputy Inspector James Grant, as well as retired cop Eric Rodriguez and already-convicted ex-Deputy Chief Michael Harrington, Rechnitz testified in Manhattan federal court.
“Ho, ho, ho!” Rechnitz says in the video.
Rechnitz explained that he wasn’t just channeling the jolly fat man — he was mocking one of Reichberg’s “competitors,” a man named “Abe” whom he described as also having high-level connections in the NYPD.
“You little ho,” he said of Abe in the clip.
In another video, the two men are seen driving up to a heavily protected 1 Police Plaza with ease while boasting about their ties to then-Chief of Department Philip Banks.
“We’re going to go park in the chief of department’s extra spot,” Rechnitz boasts in the video.
“Please salute us, officer, if you want to keep your job,” he adds snarkily as the men drive past a cop standing guard in the cold.
“Philip Banks is now chief of department, and we have full access,” Rechnitz explained of the statements on the witness stand.

Judge Grants Permission To perform BRIS On a Girl!!!! ..... Mohels Very Happy!

In a major blow to the federal government, a judge in Detroit has declared America's female genital mutilation law unconstitutional, thereby dismissing the key charges against two Michigan doctors and six others accused of subjecting at least nine minor girls to the cutting procedure in the nation's first FGM case.
The historic case involves minor girls from Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota, including some who cried, screamed and bled during the procedure and one who was given Valium ground in liquid Tylenol to keep her calm, court records show.
The judge's ruling also dismissed charges against three mothers, including two Minnesota women whom prosecutors said tricked their 7 -

Crazed Chassidishe Fanatics Protest Bet Shemesh Employment Expo For Women

Hundreds of chareidi women arrived on Sunday arrived at a Beit Shemesh shopping and employment fair, only to be met by crazed extremists who protested at the site. 
When the savages, heard of the event taking place in the Kinor David Hall, they immediately, like a pack of hungry dogs, headed to the site to protest. 
They carried signs against the Zionists and the State, screaming “Gevald” as they chanted.
The hundreds of women in attendance heard advice from professionals, experts in their fields, all offering their experience towards enabling the women to earn a Parnasa honorably. The experts included the directors of leading colleges who spoke to them.
Adding fuel to the demonstration on Sunday night is the recent change of government in Beit Shemesh, where newly-elected Mayor Dr. Aliza Bloch was among the speakers addressing the women. Bloch upset the Charedi incumbent, Moshe Abutbul.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Shomrei Shabbos Passengers Demand $13,000.00 Each ..... From El Al

DIN: I have a friend that was on this flight and he tells me in all  sincerity with a straight face:
"It's not about the money" .
🤪  🤑 🤮

The saga surrounding the El Al flight 002 from New York to Israel has not subsided.
Yisrael Hayom reported Tuesday in an exclusive report that the shomrei Shabbos passengers on the infamous flight from New York to Israel on Friday demanded that the company pay NIS 50,000 ($13,000) to each of the 180 shomrei Shabbos passengers who were on board the plane, and to refund the cost of the flight to each passenger.
In addition to the financial compensation, the passengers demand a public announcement from the company that there were no violent incidents on the part of the shomrei Shabbos passengers, and that the rumors circulated after the flight were totally unfounded.

Lev Tahor Cult Kidnaps Boy From Monroe Who Escaped Them !

Authorities are currently investigating an alleged kidnapping of one of the Lev Tahor Cult escapees.
Meanwhile let’s not forget the disgusting story that Ami magazine ran about Lev Tahor not long ago. Frankfurter visited them and soft sold the cult as a group of misunderstood holy Jews doing their own thing.

Ami Magazine in its March 26, 2014  edition praised the cult stating: that Lev Tahor is being  "unjustly  persecuted," and that the cult is run by "a group of pious Jews"
(see bottom of my post Mar 26,2014)

Highly credible sources confirm that one of the “Teller children” was reportedly kidnapped from the Monroe area on Monday afternoon.
As of this posting, only the NYPD and the NY State Police are involved in the investigation.
 The Teller children arrived in the United States last week, following an intense effort to rescue them from the Cult, currently located in Guatemala.
The children are the 4 daughters and 2 sons of Rebbitzen Sara Feige Teller, a sister of current Lev Tahor leader, Nachman Helbrans. (Nachman assumed leadership of the cult following the 2017 drowning death of his father, Shlomo Helbrans, the founder of Lev Tahor.) 
She is married to Rabbi Aron Aryeh Teller, rosh yeshivah of Lev Tahor.

Fox News Moving to the Left!!!!!!!!!

In just last few months, Fox News has…
  • Backed CNN’s lawsuit against President Trump to reinstate a press pass for heckler Jim Acosta.

  • Buckled to emotional blackmail from CNN and others and stopped airing Trump’s perfectly acceptable ad about the dangers of illegal immigration.

  • Offered a platform to Jorge Ramos, a left-wing propagandist and open borders extremist.

  • Mocked an actor for working a real job.

  • Spread the fake news that Senate Judiciary Committee testimony from Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford was “exceptionally credible” — when the truth is that Ford’s testimony and documentation were riddled with contradictionsand falsehoods.

  • Attacked Breitbart News after it uncovered smoking gun audio about Google’s election meddling.
And Finally:

Monday, November 19, 2018

Airbnb Removing Listings In Yehuda and Shomron Settlements Caves in to BDS Movement!!!

Home-renting company Airbnb Inc said on Monday that it had decided to remove its listings in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, enclaves that most world powers consider illegal for taking up land where Palestinians seek statehood.
A statement on Airbnb’s website said: “We concluded that we should remove listings in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank that are at the core of the dispute between Israelis and Palestinians.”
It did not say when the decision, which according to Airbnb affects some 200 listings, would take effect.

No Credit Cards For Get­-Refusers

The Knesset has approved the preliminary reading of a new bill which would stop get refusers from using credit cards. It was supported by 50 MKs with no opponents or abstentions.
An explanatory note to the bill notes that botei din have stopped get refusers from using checks since 1995. But since then, checks are barely used and most purchases are made with credit cards.

Mazal Tov! Chuck Schumer's Daughter Marries A "Shiksa"

The question all frum Jews are asking: 

Was Ezra (the Kapo) "Tuchis Lekker" Friedlander invited? 
If he was there did he get a bracha.

Alison Schumer, the younger of Sen. Chuck Schumer’s two daughters, married Elizabeth Weiland on Sunday in Brooklyn, with the couple posing for wedding photos on a bridge over the toxic Gowanus Canal.
The white-dress-clad lovebirds, each clutching a mixed bouquet — with Alison Schumer wearing shoes as green as the Superfund site below them — held hands and shared a tender glance on the rust-flecked Union Street Bridge, which has become a popular backdrop for photos.
Starting at around 10 a.m., the pair posed for several snaps along the tree-lined bridge before heading inside the nearby Green Building event space to exchange vows in a brief, intimate ceremony at around noon.

Dershowitz: Democratic party tolerates anti-Semitism

Passengers Say EL AL Lied About Charedi Violence On Flight From NY

Passengers on the nightmare El Al flight from New York to Tel Aviv on Thursday night have accused the airline of lying and of a “kidnap” after a five-hour delay in taking off meant that the plane could not reach Israel before Shabbat began.
Despite El Al’s initial statement alleging that haredi fliers had been violent, numerous passengers stated subsequently that there had been no violence at all, with many blaming the late arrival of the cabin crew to the airport for the severe delay and failure to reach Israel on time.
Flight LY002 was scheduled to leave New York’s JFK Airport at 6:30 p.m. local time Thursday and arrive in Israel on Friday afternoon. But due to snow storms and the failure of the El Al cabin staff to arrive on time at the airport, the flight ended up leaving more than five hours later.
Shortly before the plane took off, religious passengers began to request stridently to disembark since they realized that the flight would continue into the Sabbath on Friday evening, a violation of Jewish religious law.
El Al claimed that “a group of haredim” requested to get off the plane and “exercised heavy and violent pressure against the cabin crew” in seeking to disembark, and alleged that this caused further delays in taking off.

Sunday, November 18, 2018


Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked announced that they are holding a press conference on Monday, where they will probably announce their resignation, Channel 2 reported today!


Jewish Home ministers Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked will remain in the coalition government, the two said Monday, despite the Prime Minister’s refusal to appoint Bennett as Defense Minister.

The two Jewish Home leaders addressed reporters at a press briefing Monday morning, following Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s announcement Sunday night that he would serve as Defense Minister, following Avigdor Liberman’s departure last week.

I’m one of those ‘violent’ religious passengers on El Al #002

I am writing this as a response to the articles posted on the news and social media of violence on El Al 002 from JFK.
I was on that flight and as I type this, I am in Athens airport waiting to board my 11:30 p.m. flight back to Tel Aviv. (Which is another point: Why cannot they get a flight earlier? We all have to work tomorrow and will not get back until 2 a.m.!)
I am not Haredi, just a religious man who keeps Shabbat, and neither were most of the 200 of us who got off the plane in Athens rather than desecrate Shabbat. Maybe 20 percent Haredi at most.
Chabad here were fantastic and a potentially horrible Shabbat was memorable.
I did not see any violence on the flight after the captain announced the change of destination, although clearly I wasn’t watching every part of the plane all the time. If there was, then that is inexcusable.
I saw: disappointment, anger, raised voices, for sure.
Understandably. We all had plans for Shabbat. None of us wanted to be in Athens.
However: El Al, take responsibility for your actions. You were the problem here:

Now That the Litvishe Party "Degel" Won Elections .. Yeshivah Boys and Girls Dance In the Same Room Without a Mechitzah To Celebrate

The above video depicts Yeshiva guys celebrating the secular Leon as the new mayor of Yerushalyim .... with girls dancing in the same room without a mechitzah..

G-D forbid if  this happened at a wedding ... The Rosh Yeshivah would 
throw them head first out of the yeshivah..

So I ask ... is it ok for the girls to go to the army now

 Now watch how Chaim Walder the face of the Litvishe Party Degel dances around the newly 
elected secular Mayor of Haifa
After watching both videos both the Boys and the girls can go to the army ...

Day Yoimie Snippets ... Menachois Pages 93,94, 95,96,97, 98 & 99

You can copy and print this without my consent, since Torah belongs to all of us..... 

"דף צ''ג .."קרבן של ילד  
Page 93 Mesectas Menachois  
"A Korban of a Child" 

The mishnah on this daf states that if a child should bring a sacrifice then the mitzvah of "Smicha (leaning)" is not performed.

But when does a child ever brings a korban
A child is not obligated in performing any mitzvois and if he wishes to bring a korban, we do not accept it?

Commentaries explain that there are cases that this can indeed occur ....
A child whose father died and who while he was alive designated an animal for a korban and before he had a chance to fulfill his mitzvah he died ... the son even if he is only a  child is obligated to fulfill his late father's wishes and offer this sacrifice.

Commentaries add another situation.....
in a case where the child is a "metzorah" afflicted with leprosy, in that case once he gets healed, his father can offer a sacrifice on his behalf.

Press "read more" immediately below to continue to the rest of the dafim!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Dating Girl Doesn't Want Learning Boy Because He Took His Hat Off When He got Into Car!!

I swear... Seminary Girls Don't Need Living Husbands ... They Need To Marry Hats!!!! No Wonder We Have A Shidduch Crisis!! 
From FJJ

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Frum man driving a taxi hit multiple cars Tuesday night following a medical episode and then makes Chillul Hashem by refusing to leave car!!!

 Video on top ... Police try to remove him from car but he refuses to leave!

Video on bottom .... EMS finally get the guy out but not before he lights up a cigarette 

The incident occurred around 9pm Tuesday evening on McDonald and 18th Ave. 

A frum Jewish taxi driver with a huge Yarlmukah had a medical emergency and crashed his car, hitting a few parked cars and a pole. One of the cars hit was owned by a Boro Park Shomrim member who called 911 as well as Hatzolah.

First responders on scene say the driver was confused and disoriented, still attempting to drive away.

Other Bloggers saying that the Cops were "abusive" because they "cursed" him .....


How many cars does a guy have to hit before we get "abusive" with him??????
Hey.... the guy tried to drive away.....
and he had time to light his  stupid cigarette
I'm surprised the cops didn't beat the living daylights out of him! 

The man was eventually removed from his vehicle, and transported to Maimonides Medical Center for treatment.

Mimi Hecht's Instagram Account Deleted Because It Was Pro-Israel!!!!

By COLlive reporter

Mimi Hecht, a clothing company owner and a resident of Brooklyn's Crown Heights neighborhood, is calling out what she says is censorship of her pro-Israel posts on the social media platform Instagram.
The co-founder of Mimu Maxi is accusing Instagram of deleting her posts calling out bias in the news media, as well as on social media, following recent anti- Semitic attacks and the escalation of fighting in Gaza.

Hecht says she was recently moved to acknowledge the lack of empathy towards the victims of the anti-Semitic horrific shooting in Pittsburgh to her followers on her company's Instagram account.

"Everyone was posting about the attack," Hecht said. "An attack on my people. But we were left out of the story altogether. Post after post about the shooting, yet virtually every single one was either political-focused, or merely an obligatory generalized statement on the need to 'love one another."

NO!!!!! This is not the way we bring a "korban" .....

This is the bizarre moment a Paris Metro steward tries to wrestle a goat from a passenger who refused to leave the train with the animal.
The worker yanked the animal by its horns in an attempt to get it off the carriage after the man repeatedly shouted 'No!' when he was asked to leave.
According to local media, the animal had been stolen from the public park Tuileries Garden before getting on a train at Tuileries Station at around 8.30am yesterday.
The incident caused delays of about half an hour between the Chatelet and Concorde stations during morning rush hour. 

Dozens of black Israelites who claim they - and not Jews - are the true descendants of the biblical Hebrews descend on Capitol Hill for a protest

A group of men known as the Black Israelites staged a protest on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.
Dozens of members of the sect that is considered an extremist hate group gathered near the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday.
They were seen dressed out in their traditional regalia and carrying megaphones, though it is unclear what it was they were protesting.
The Hebrew Israelites are considered a ‘racist and black supremacist’ movement by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that tracks hate speech in America.

Pope Francis says "Loshon Hara" is a form of TERRORISM as he warns the 'tongue kills like a knife'

Pope Francis has denounced gossip as a form of 'terrorism' and is warning the faithful against telling lies.
Francis explored the Catholic commandment against 'bearing false witness' during his general audience in the Vatican on Wednesday.
He warned the faithful in a chilly St Peter's Square that 'We all live by communicating, and we are continuously on the edge between truth and lies.'

He repeated his complaint about gossip, saying it 'kills because the tongue kills like a knife'.
He warned: 'Gossipers are terrorists because with their tongues they drop a bomb and then leave, and the bomb they drop destroys reputations everywhere.'

Don't forget: to gossip is to kill.'
Francis frequently rails against gossip in the church and has urged the media in particular to guard against 'fake news' and seek the truth. 

Frum 67 Jewish Woman Pistol-whipped, Robbed While Shopping In Miami

North Miami Beach police are searching for two men who robbed an Orthodox Jewish woman at gunpoint last week outside a supermarket.
The robbery was reported shortly before 4 p.m. Friday in the rear parking lot of the South Florida Kosher Market at 1324 NE 163rd St.
According to an incident report, the 67-year-old woman, who has not been identified, was walking back to her car from the supermarket when she was approached by two men who ordered her to hand over her purse.
Police said the woman refused and a struggle ensued. One of the men, who was armed with a handgun, pushed the woman into her Toyota Camry and the robbers snatched $1,000 in cash from her purse.
The woman, who normally uses a cane due to arthritis and other injuries, wasn’t carrying it with her at the time of the robbery.
“This guy is on my right side. This guy is on my left side. He takes the gun, and he starts hitting me, hits my head with the gun, hit my shoulder and my back also,” she told WSVN news.
The victim was also hit on the top of her head, leaving a gash.
“He hit me a few times with the gun, so my whole face swelled up,” she said.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Litvisheh Yeshiva Guy Follows Girl Assaults Her And Runs For His Life!!

Zionists Get Drinking Water From Just Air & Sell It In the USA!!

Chareidi Soldiers Exited Bus One Minute Before Hamas Rocket Blew It Up

According to the IDF the bus that brought the soldiers down to the area, dropped off groups of Chareidie soldiers in different locations as was pre-planned by the IDF. The last stop was near the border, opposite a town in Gaza known as Jabaliya, located in the northern segment of the Gaza Strip.
The last soldiers to leave the bus gathered their gear and headed to the appointed meetup spot in the nearby thicket of woods. The bus driver parked the bus by the side of the road and proceeded to exit the bus and walk away for a much needed break.
A few short minutes after the driver left the bus, an anti-tank missile struck a direct hit on the bus, causing it to erupt in flames. One soldier, aged 19, who was not among the passengers, was severely injured in the resulting explosion.
The soldier transported to the trauma center in Soroka hospital for treatment and surgery.
The bus had been filled with Chareidie soldiers who are residents of Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Ashdod, Netivot, Beer Sheva, Afula and other cities.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Israel under fire .... Over 370 rockets

A bus on the Israeli side of the border was struck by gunfire from the Gaza Strip Monday afternoon, the IDF stated.

The bus was reportedly empty at the time of the attack.
In addition, red alert sirens sounded across southern Israel as dozens of rockets were fired at Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip. Sirens have been heard in Sderot, Netivot, the Be'er Sheva area, and the Sdot Negev, Ashkelon Beach, Shaar Hanegev and Eshkol councils.

The IDF has identified at least 370 rocket launches from the Gaza Strip. A number of rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system.

Sirens were reported as far east as the Judean desert and the Dead Sea area.

A 19-year-old man was seriously wounded in a mortar attack on an Israeli community in the Gaza periphery. United Hatzalah reported that ten people have been treated for injuries received from rocket shrapnel and for shock.
Gaza officials have reported that the IDF struck a Hamas observation post in the northern Gaza Strip Monday afternoon. No casualties were reported in the strike on the observation post.

The violence follows a skirmish Sunday in which seven Hamas terrorists were killed, including Nur Barakeh, commander of the eastern battalion of Hamas’ Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades in Khan Yunis. An IDF Lieutenant Colonel was also killed in the gunfight.

The Hamas terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the rocket barrage.

The Prime Minister's Office stated that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is currently conducting security consultations with the Minister of Defense, the Chief of Staff and senior members of the defense establishment and the IDF at the Krya, the IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv.

Rabbi Yechezekel Wolff Tells His Congregants to "Go to Hell"

The rabbi of a historic Chelsea synagogue wished his own congregants would “go to hell” as he turned their sanctuary into a “discotheque” and tried to freeze out elderly members, a lawsuit brought by his congregation claims.
Facing a dwindling attendance and mounting repair bills for their 100-year-old synagogue, members of Congregation Emunath Israel on W. 23rd St. cut a deal with Rabbi Yechezekel Wolff in 2012, wherein Wolff would lease the building in exchange for paying the shul’s operating expenses and raising at least $400,000 for building repairs by the end of 2018.
But he hasn’t held up his end of the deal, according to a $21 million lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court by five members of the temple’s board of trustees.
Wolff has made some repairs, but he’s done damage by ripping out historic pews, cutting the heating in the winter to allegedly “kill off the congregation” and allowing secular film crews and art exhibits to use the synagogue, the suit charges.