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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Real Story Why FAT NADLER hates Trump! Jealousy!!

Rep. Jerry Nadler will be President Trump’s chief tormenter at a Robert Mueller hearing in Congress today. Remarkably, it is a continuation of a Trump-Nadler feud that goes back four decades.

An early dispute even figured into the October 1980 meeting between New York’s Democratic Mayor Ed Koch and Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan. 

 A top aide to Koch at the time writes to say he was there and that the mayor “made a strong case for $100 million for the Westway project, which would have buried the unsightly West Side Highway underground and provided a new park and development. 
Reagan agreed to the proposal after he became president.”
But Westway was never built, thanks in large part to Nadler, then an assemblyman.
 “Nadler killed the appropriation, mostly because he thought it was part of Trump’s plan to develop housing along the Hudson River, which he opposed,” the Koch aide says. 
“Trump eventually built his buildings anyway, made a lot of money, and New Yorkers lost a park.”

"Little Belzer Shmoiger" Naftuli Moster's Public Schools Will Now Focus Mainly On Thrashing "Whites" ... No Longer Interested In Teaching Math, English & Science

Hey Belzer Shmoiger!
So you want the Yeshivois to teach that "Shvartzers" are superior?
Are you concerned that the goyim won't get an education now ...?
Are you just interested in harassing "heimishe" moisdois???
Start with the public schools first! 

City kids are struggling with basic math and English— but a new Department of Education curricular initiative focuses instead on racial privilege and activism, The Post has learned.
Pushed by Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza, the “Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education” program will require schools to “identify and interrupt policies and practices that center historically advantaged social/cultural groups and lead to predictable outcomes of success or failure for historically marginalized students.”
“The simplistic narrative that is being peddled is white privilege,” said Maud Maron, president of Community Education Council 2.
“What’s confounding about this proposal is that it doesn’t acknowledge the successes of students doing well in New York City public schools and instead identifies it as problematic white privilege,” she added,

Jewish New York City Opthamologist Killed in Crash; Had Office on Ave J Flatbush

Dr. Mark Lebowitz was killed in an auto accident on Monday morning.
Dr. Lebowitz had a large practice in Brooklyn as well as being in charge of the Brooklyn Eye Surgery Center on Avenue J in Flatbush, with 35 ophthalmologists. He was responsible for running it.
Dr. Avishai Neuman, an anesthesiologist, who knew him well, Said: “He was a highly decorated ophthalmologist in terms of his skills.  Mark was a true pokayach ivrim – he restored people’s vision – after cataract surgeries, and other issues – he is there to make sure that they see.”
Dr. Neuman continues, “He was ranked at the top of his field. He was a very down-to-earth and approachable person. He was a true humble giant – a real mensch.”

Chani Neuberger, Bais Yaakov Graduate Appointed As NSA Cybersecurity Directorate

The National Security Agency announced Tuesday it is creating a new Cybersecurity Directorate, which will “unify NSA’s foreign intelligence and cyberdefense missions and is charged with preventing and eradicating threats to National Security Systems and the Defense Industrial Base.”
The new directorate — which will become operational on October 1 — is to be headed up by Anne Neuberger, who has been leading the NSA’s Russia Small Group.
In her new position, Mrs. Neuberger, who worked in the private sector before joining the Defense Department and is from Brooklyn, N.Y., will be one of the highest-ranking women at the NSA since Ann Caracristi was named deputy director in 1980.
She has been with NSA for close to 10 years. Neuberger has helped establish U.S. Cyber Command, served as chief risk officer, and is currently an assistant deputy director at NSA. Prior to her time at NSA, Neuberger was the deputy chief management office at the U.S. Navy.

Monday, July 22, 2019

HaRav Reuven Scheiner, Longtime Magid Shiur At Torah Vodaas

We regret to inform our readers  of the Petira of HaRav Reuven Scheiner ZATZAL, a Magid Shiur at Yeshiva Torah Vodaas in Flatbush for more than 50 years.
The Levaya will be held at 1:00PM at the Yeshiva, located at 425 East 9th Street in Brooklyn.

Kevurah will be in Eretz Yisrael.
Boruch Dayan HaEmmes…

Chareidie 6 Month-old Dies in Hot Car After Family Forgot About Him

Last month I posted a photo of a Chareidie Lakewood Mother who got arrested for leaving her child in a hot car that died ...
I got a lot of flack for posting her picture ....

I since learned that the Chareidie world because it doesn't allow the internet... doesn't get the news ...

The story in Lakewood was not reported in any of the popular Chareidie newspapers ...
because of "Lashan Hara" ...
Well .. how many children must die before they get it?
The picture of that mother as tragic as it was, (and I feel so so bad for her, since she will be living with this the rest of her life,) should have been posted in every school, shul and supermarket ...

Here in Israel, we will never get that photo, since the Laws in Israel are different ...
and so we start the 3 weeks with another needless tragedy ...
one that could have been prevented...

A six-month-old baby boy died Monday afternoon, after he was forgotten in a car in the city of Modiin Illit in central Israel.
 He was left forgotten for three hours locked in a hot car 

Watch Iranians Capture British Ship .... World Says Nothing!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

When the "Cheshik Shlomo" The Popular Commentator on Shas, Presented a Sefer Torah to Theodore Herzl

The following story in honor of the 115th Yurzeit of the founder of the State of Israel, Theodore Herzl, which will be on this Tuesday the 20th of Tammuz ..

Anyone opening any Gemarrah printed in the last 15 years, including those learning in Yeshivois and Kollilim, will find the commentaries of Rav Shlomo Ha'Kohein  who served as Rav of Vilna, one hundred years ago, on every daf.
 Rav Shlomo HaKohein is better known by his famous commentary חשק שלמה ..... The Cheishik Shlomo!

To give you an idea how great the חשק שלמה was... The Chofetz Chayim had his haskama on the Mishna Berurah!
He authored over 37 Sefarim and answered over 1,500 Shaalois in his sefer בנין שלמה

What these Kollel guys don't know is that, the Vilna Rav and Posik, opened the welcome mat and was right up front  greeting the founder of Zionism, Theodore Herzl, when Herzl visited the city of Vilna in 1903, on the 23rd day of Av, a year before Herzl died.

The חשק שלמה who was well in his years, got dressed up in his Shabbos finest, and clutching a Sefer Torah walked over to the Zionist Leader and presented Herzl with the Sefer Torah as a gift from the entire Vilna Kehillah! 
The Rav who was a kohein then placed his holy hands on Herzl's head and blessed him with Birchas Kohanim....

How does DIN know this?

We know this story from someone who witnessed the scene and described it.

None other than Rav Yechiel Yaakov Weinberg z"l, the author of the famous Shaalois Utshuvois famously called 
"שרידי אש
who records the scene in vivid detail!

וילנה החרדית והעתיקה נתנה לרגשותיה העמוקים ביטוי מלאו הוד של כבוד . 
מורה ההוראה הזקן ונשוא הפנים בווילנה, הגאון הזקן והישיש ר' שלמה הכהן, מסר להרצל בשם ירושלים דליטא ס''ת קטן
ובהניחו את ידי הכהן החיוורות שלו על ראש הרצל בעל הוד שבמלכות, לחשו שפתי הכהן הזקן 
ספר תורה זה יוליך אותנו לא''י 
פני הרצל חוורו, דמעות זלגו מעיניו 
הרב הזקן עמד בקושי על רגליו, אולם לא רצה לשבת בנוכחותו של הרצל
וזה אמר
יישב נא רבינו תחילה, זקן הוא ממני, וגם חכם
מלים אלה צילצלו באוזני הנוכחים כסמל להשתייכותו לווילנה העתיקה והחרדית, לעם העתיד והחרד 

Day Yoimie Snippets .... Arachin 21,22,23, 24, 25, 26,27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, & 34

A great opportunity for the entire family, to share some thoughts on the daf ...  the  family feels united by discussing what the head of the house is studying.
I try to break it down so that everyone can understand it .... 
You can copy and print this without my consent, since Torah belongs to all of us..... 

This week's "Daf Yoimie Snippets Sponsored For the Refuah Shliemah of 
צארטל בת אסתר מלכה 

''דף כ''א ''מטבעות פגומים       
Page 21  Mesectas Arachin
''Damaged Coins "

When the Beit Din (court) sells land that was inherited by orphaned minors from their father, the Beit Din publicly announces the availability of the property for thirty consecutive days, in order to receive the best possible price for the property. 

In what situation would the Beit Din intercede and sell the orphaned minors’ property? 

In a case where the father left behind creditors to whom he owed money, for example.
What does the Beit Din announce? 

The baraita states: 
“There is such-and-such a field, of such-and-such size, that is worth such-and-such. Anyone who wishes to purchase this field should come purchase it, as the field is being sold in order to pay off a deceased man’s debt.”

Why is it necessary to announce that the field is being sold in order to pay off creditors? Why would that fact interest potential buyers? Why isn’t it sufficient to merely announce the field is for sale? 

The Talmud explains that this additional declaration is needed as there are some who prefer to do business with a person who is in debt, as that person would likely to be lenient and even accept slightly damaged coins — and individuals who possess damaged coins might be pleased to purchase the property in order to get rid of those coins. 

Press "read more" right below to see rest of the dafim

MBD Storms OFF Stage After Young "Chutzpemyak" Refuses To Put Out His Cigeratte

I don't know if MBD was right or wrong ....
Most people there weren't smoking 
 hundreds paid to hear him...
Did they get their money back?

Friday, July 19, 2019

Newton South Public High School Joins Satmar In Teaching Students to Demonize Israel .......

Shortly after Rosh Hashanah of 2011, Shiri Pagliuso, a Jewish ninth grader at the Newton South High School, came home with an awkward question for her father. She had learned some things about Israel in school, she said, and she wanted to know if they were true. For example, she asked if it was true that Israel was systematically torturing and killing Palestinian women.
Her father, Tony Pagliuso, pressed her for more information, so the young woman produced the handout she was given at school, titled the Arab World Studies Notebook. In it, Pagliuso found the following line: “Over the past four decades, women have been active in the Palestinian resistance movement. Several hundred have been imprisoned, tortured, and killed by Israeli occupation forces.”
Pagliuso, a dual citizen of the United States and Israel, was alarmed that such claims had somehow found their way into the curriculum of a public school. He called his daughter’s teacher, Jessica Engel.
“I fully expected when I called that I would be told, ‘Jeez we didn’t catch this and this shouldn’t be in the curriculum,’” he told an interviewer shortly thereafter. “This was my full expectation. I was very wrong.”

Akiva Meir Hersh of Cleveland Suspected of Pedophilla Suing 22 Rabbanim for Defamation

A Cleveland-area man is suing 15 local Orthodox synagogues and 22 rabbis for defamation, saying a community announcement alleging that he engaged in inappropriate behavior with children has ruined his reputation.
Akiva Meir Hersh of suburban Cleveland Heights filed suit July 11 in the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court claiming that an announcement written by the Vaad Harabonim of Cleveland, the Orthodox rabbinical council, created a false impression and hurt his future employment prospects.
Hersh is requesting punitive damages in excess of $25,000.

The Vaad’s announcement, dated Aug. 13, 2018, named Hersh and his home address, and said he “is alleged to have engaged in inappropriate behavior with young men under the age of thirteen. We have also learned that police reports have been filed detailing his activities. We understand that he is attempting to create a Boy Scout troop. We are concerned that this is a potentially unhealthy and dangerous situation.”

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Omar To Introduce Pro-BDS Resolution In House ...Will Satmar Rebbe Start A "Letter Writing" Campaign ????

R' Aron Teitelbaum, Monroe Satmar Rebbe had a "letter writing" campaign to US Congressman that they vote that Iran be allowed to manufacture nuclear weapons ...
The Holy Rebbe was furious then at the Moetzes Gedoilie HaTorah and the  Agudah because they were against the Iran deal...

Iran is a country whose leaders vowed to "wipe Israel off the map!"

Well ... now Satmar's favorite congresswoman Ilhan Omar ym"s just introduced a bill to congress that will allow BDS movements to be legal and thrive ...

Well ... we are all waiting to see what the Satmar Rebbe will do now!!

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar said that she plans to introduce a resolution this week in support of the anti-Israel BDS movement, reported Al-Monitor on Tuesday.
“We are introducing a resolution … to really speak about the American values that support and believe in our ability to exercise our first amendment rights in regard to boycotting,” the congresswoman told the outlet. “And it is an opportunity for us to explain why it is we support a nonviolent movement, which is the BDS movement.”
Since entering Congress in January, Omar has made multiple anti-Semitic and anti-Israel remarks.
In February, she accused the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the largest pro-Israel lobbying organization, of paying members of Congress to back Israel, saying it was “all about the Benjamins.”
The following month, she pointed fingers at her “Jewish colleagues” for attacking her and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) for labeling their criticisms as anti-Israel because of the Muslim faith of the two congresswomen, in addition to slamming her critics regarding “the political influence in this country that says it is OK to push for allegiance to a foreign country.”
This led to the passing of a resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives condemning anti-Semitism and other forms of hatred that did not call out Omar by name.

Agudah Pulls Plug On Siyum App After Rabbis Rebuke

An app created by Agudath Israel of America to promote Torah learning in advance of the upcoming global Siyum Hashas of Daf Yomi has been retracted in response to complaints from several rabbis who felt that it might encourage smartphone use.
The Siyum App is just one of multiple initiatives launched by the Agudah to increase Torah study as the 13th cycle of Daf Yomi draws to an end, with tens of thousands expected to celebrate its conclusion at MetLife Stadium on January 1st, 2020.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Fires Burning Out of Control in the Jerusalem, Haifa, Hadera, Beit Shemesh & Shomron Districts

Fires are being reported around Israel, the result of the extreme hot and dry climate accompanying the sharav heatwave around Israel today, Wednesday, July 17, 2019. Large fires are reported in both the Haifa and Shomron districts. Residents are being evacuated from their homes in Ramat Pinchas, Shavei Shomron, Arara and Katzir.
A large fire is out of control near Aderet, south of Beit Shemesh. Fire commanders determined there is a danger to the homes closed to the fire and they are being evacuated. There is another fire in Rogalit (N’vei Michael). Over ten fire apparatus and fire planes are working to prevent the spread of the fire and to bring it under control. They are trying to create a fire line to prevent the spread of the fire. It has been decided to evacuate the residents of both communities with the assistance of police.

Harry Potter Star Cries Upon Learning of Jewish Ancestor’s Suicide, Decries Anti-Semitism

Daniel Radcliffe sobbed on BBC TV when he read about his Jewish great-grandfather’s suicide, most likely the result of his experience with anti-Semitism.
By United With Israel Staff
Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, 29, was emotional last week while filming the BBC TV series “Who Do You Think You Are?” During the filming, he was presented with his great-grandfather Samuel (Sam) Gershon’s suicide note and sobbed at its reading, The Sun reported.
It appears the suicide was likely the result of the anti-Semitism he experienced that caused him to lose the family business that he had worked so hard to build.

The Begiining of the End For Barak Who vows to sue Daily Mail for ‘sordid insinuations’ over his ties to Epstein

Former prime minister Ehud Barak on Tuesday said he would sue the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper for defamation after it published pictures of him entering Jeffrey Epstein’s New York residence in January 2016, around the same time several young women tied to the financier also came by.
The Mail heavily insinuated that Barak’s visit to his business partner was not strictly business-related.
The photos published by the paper were not new, and were originally published in 2016 under the title: “The busy life of Jeffrey Epstein: Group of gorgeous Manhattan ‘it’ girls in and out of the billionaire sex offender’s mansion before Clinton pal flies off in private jet with comely brunette.”
Barak was included among the photos, but only as “an unidentified man” who entered the home accompanied by a bodyguard.

When Moshiach Comes ... Will Rebbes Connect With Their Chassidim? ..What About Previous Generations? Who Will They Connect With?

 Rabbi Noam Wagner, says that even though ,,,,when Moshiach comes,  all Tanaim, Amorim, Rashi, The Baal Shem, etc etc will be resurrected, nevertheless Moshiach's  generation will basically ignore them and flock to their present rebbe .... 
And what he is hinting at is ... that Lubavitcher Chassidim will only connect with the previous Rebbe ....... 

The Real Story Behind the Tragic Death of Rabbi Bauman in Norfolk VA

How the Israeli Press Covered the Story!

הטרגדיה של הרב באומן ז"ל

Monday, July 15, 2019

Teveryeh's Mayor That Started a "Chillul Shabbos" Campaign ... Ousted ... Couldn't Pass a budget!

There was a new "sheriff" in the town of Teveryah, who was elected as Mayor a few months ago in the last election.

His whole campaign was to turn the Holy City of Teveryah into a "Chilonie City" like Tel Aviv, with full blown "Chillul Shabbos."

The only glitch he had, and he totally forgot about that ... ...... was "G-d!"

The rule in Israel is that when a Mayor in a town gets elected, he has to put together a coalition and pass a budget....
If he can't, then the entire office of the Mayor and its staff collapses and the "Misrad Hapnim" the Interior Minister, can either call new elections or appoint temporarily a new crew!

Last night, G-d .... the force that the Mayor totally forget about ... had him voted out because he "couldn't pass a budget" and he will now look for another job!

He is in court fighting his ouster but he is barking up the wrong tree... he should save his money and send it to DIN!

At any rate ...
I almost forgot my point of this posting ....
and B"H, I remembered ...

How did it come that a Holy City like Teveryah would get enough votes to vote in a "Chilonie" who hates Frum people and who openly ran on a platform to "secularize Teveryeh"?

Guess what???? You sitting??

I'm not talking about the mishagayim" who don't vote at all ... because "the Torah forbids voting in Zionist elections."

I'm talking about "normal" frum people who vote ..

Well, the  frumies themselves were fighting like cats and dogs ...
"askanim"  put up multiple people for Mayor and other top posts and so not one frum guy had enough votes, and  because of the "infighting"  they split the vote and so it happened that this "frum hating" guy got voted in ....

They are lucky that this time, G-d intervened and made sure that this Chilonie Mayor got ousted ....
But in the future if they still don't have "achdus" ....... 
who knows what will happen!

Close Call!

For Ladies Only ..... The New Minhag by the Heimishe Ladies that wear Teichels

Day Yoimie Snippets .... Arachin 14,15,16, 17, 18, 19 & 20

A great opportunity for the entire family, to share some thoughts on the daf ...  the  family feels united by discussing what the head of the house is studying.
I try to break it down so that everyone can understand it .... 
You can copy and print this without my consent, since Torah belongs to all of us..... 

See  previous Daf Yoimie Snippets 

This week's "Daf Yoimie Snippets Sponsored For the Refuah Shliemah of 
צארטל בת אסתר מלכה 

''דף י''ד ''שדה אחוזה ושדה מקנה       
Page 14  Mesectas Arachin
''An Ancestral Field and an Acquired Field "

"Sedeh Achuza," an ancestral field, refers to a field in Eretz Yisroel whose owners inherited the land from generations of direct ancestors dating back to the days of Yehoshuah Bin Nun who apportioned Eretz Yisroel among the Shvatim, the tribes.

The term "Sedeh Achuza" comes from the word "acheeza" or "holding," because it refers to land that belonged to or was held by a family that was granted the land in perpetuity.

Even if such land is sold, it returns to the ownership of the seller during the Yovel, the Jubilee.

"Sedeh Mik'neh," an acquired field, is a field purchased from a family who owned a Sadeh Achuza.

A "Sedeh Mik'neh" would only belong to the individuals who acquired it,until the Yovel, at which point ownership of the field would revert back to its initial owners.

Press "read more" right below to see rest of the dafim

Shmuly Yanklowitz Whose Mother Was A Shiksa ...Says "Intermarriage is Not a Second Holocaust!"

This Yanklowitz character calls himself an "orthodox rabbi," but is part of the "Choveive Torah" gang that tries to integrate into the "frum" communities to destroy them from within. and Choveive Torah gave him his "smicha." 
Don't get fooled by his "heimishe" name ...."Shmuly Yanklowitz, .... his mother is a devout Christian, and he supposedly had a frum conversion but no one knows who converted his article, below, he admits exposing his Jewish Children to Christianity stating:
"my children continue to be enriched through diverse exposure to my family’s quilt of different faiths. Rather than shun interfaith families, let’s celebrate the unique contributions they bring to Jewish life,"
To give an idea how far this guy is from being a frum rabbi, he was named by the "frum hating" Forward as one of the 50 most influential Jews of 2016 ...  
 and The Daily Beast in 2012 listed Yanklowitz as one of the 50 most influential rabbis in America .....You can be sure that the Daily Beast didn't list the Noveminsker or the Matisdorfer Rav as part of the  50 rabbis...
Recently the Education Minister in Israel, Rafi Peretz made a comment that "intermarriage in the US" is like a "Second Holocaust.".... 
It's probably worse since even according to Bnei Brit, a reform oriented organization, the rate of assimilation in the US is over 86%.
At any rate, this statement hit a nerve with Shmuly, and he wrote an article attacking Peretz in The Times of Israel.
Here is his article ..

Body Of Rabbi Reuven Bauman Has Been Found By Misaskim Boat

 The body of Rav Reuven Bauman Z”L who heroically jumped into the ocean to save a student, has been found. He was located at around 1:00PM by a boat of volunteers from Misaskim of Maryland searching off the coast of North Carolina, and positively identified by authorities. The family was notified moments ago of the sad news.
The tragic story united Klal Yisroel, as Jews around the globe Davened, gave Tzedakah, and learned – first for a miracle of finding him alive, and then for the miracle of locating his body so he can be brought to proper Kevuras Yisroel.
 Dozens of volunteers traveled hundreds of miles to search all day Sunday, with boats, jet skies, and helicopters.
Yossi Margareten, Coordinator of Chaveirim of Rockland along with the members of the Achiezer Organization had been coordinating the search, and worked tirelessly all day and night since Rabbi Bauman was swept out to sea last Tuesday.
The Virginia Beach Police and Virginia Beach Fire Department had searched continuously since he had gone missing, and were assisted by the U.S. Coast Guard last week for two days.
Among the organizations that assisted in the search were Achiezer, Rockland Chaveirim,  Misaskim of Maryland, Baltimore Shomrim, Hatzolah Air, Lakewood Chaveirim, Misaskim of Greater Washington, NY Hatzolah, COMSAR and others.
Hundreds of civilian assisted from Norfolk, Savana Georgia and other communities.
Rabbi Bauman, 35-years-old, was at the beach at False Cape State Park last Tuesday with around 20 campers from a local day camp when a 13-year-old student was caught in a sudden rip current. 
Rabbi Bauman immediately entered the water to save the boy who was able to make it out of the water. Unfortunately, Rabbi Bauman was swept out to sea and has not been seen since.
Rabbi Reuven Bauman is a Rebbi at Yeshiva Toras Chaim in Norfolk Virginia.
He leaves behind a wife and 5 children.

Kloizenberger Rebbe Tells his own Auschwitz Story

On the day of his Yartzeit, listen to an amazing saga of self sacrifice, accepting suffering with love, the  Sanz Klausenberg Rebbe Zatzal:

Sunday, July 14, 2019

You Can Eat The Burger and Drink Your Milk At The Same Time........

Rabbis from Elad ....All Dogs are Bad and their owners Accursed

More than a dozen rabbis from the city of Elad near Tel Aviv issued an edict declaring all dogs bad and warning residents that keeping them will make them accursed.

The edict, dated to June 14, contains the signatures of all the Sephardic rabbis in Elad and the city’s chief rabbi, Mordechai Malka, the news site Bhol reported Friday. Most of Elad's approximately 46,000 residents are Charedi.

“We have heard and have seen that lately, a serious phenomenon has spread in our city Elad, in which young boys and children walk around publicly with dogs. This is strictly forbidden, as explained in the Talmud and by the Rambam, anyone raising a dog is accursed and especially in our city where many women and children are afraid of dogs,” the anti-canine edict states.

The rabbi of neighboring Holon, Avraham Yosef, is quoted as writing: “I do not find any grounds for permitting any dog whatsoever in any manner.”

The term “bad dog” means “any dog, for it barks on whomever it does not know and because of its bark it is a bad dog even if does not bite,” the edit states. 

People who keep dogs for medical needs should appear before the local rabbinical court so it may rule on their matter, the edict says.

The authors’ interpretation of references to dogs in Judaism is strict compared to other readings by Israeli Orthodox chief rabbis.

Rabbi Uziel Elyahu, the chief Orthodox rabbi of the northern municipality of Misgav, in 2002 ruled that keeping guard dogs is allowed, as well as guide dogs and ones kept “to develop a person’s emotions.”

Elad was established in 1998. More than half of its population are below 18.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

"If you Are a "Rebbe" who Goes on "Vacation to Switzerland To Bathe in the Mineral Baths .....Don't Give Me Musar About Chodash Ellul!"

The guy is ranting about the minhag of Chassidishe Rebbes that vacation in Switzerland, Austria, etc. ; bathe in the mineral baths and take strolls in the mountains, and while eating supper on a golden plate he writes the Ellul Musser Shmooze he is going to give to the poor shleppers that are stuck in the hot muggy city and can't afford the luxuries the "rebbes" have

How Viznitz Embarrass the Poor

Viznitz has a minhag that when they make a wedding of a child or grandchild they also invite the poor but not in the same hall, G-d forbid!

They invite poor hungry people to eat but then they also invite hundreds of chassidim to surround the poor to watch them gobble at their food!
Then after the poor get their fill, they stand in line, and the rebbe gives each one 100 Shekel.. all while being ogled by hundreds ..

If this some kind of Viznitz minhag ...
they should cut out this sick show ASAP!