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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Weber, Bechhofer, Valentine and Michael Koplen as Judge on November 7th as every vote counts!

** Please note that Michael Koplen is running on the Republican line and is actually the only sitting Judge running ... his opponents were never judges.

Dear Ramapo Residents,
We have never been involved in politics, but for the upcoming election of a new supervisor, we feel a need to express our opinion. The Town of Ramapo establishment has Michael Specht as their candidate. He has been a town attorney under St. Lawrence for many years. Together with our whole neighborhood, we are witness to Mr. Specht’s and the town’s negligence in protecting our legal rights as tax-paying citizens of Ramapo.
A massive commercial/ residential mixed use development is going up behind our bedrooms. St. Lawrence’s administration assured us that our legal rights to a buffer with trees would be upheld. By law, that buffer is supposed to be 25 feet. On May 29, 2014 there was a zoning board meeting to decide if variances should be granted to the development. (We have the entire transcript of the meeting.)  Many variances bypassing the laws of Ramapo were granted based on a few tradeoffs for the neighbors.
Mr. Michael Specht was the attending town attorney at that meeting. The decision he wrote up for that zoning board meeting did not reflect the final instructions of the board as documented by the transcripts. Since Mr. Specht delayed for one and a half years until he finally wrote up the decision, Mrs. Weaver (chairwoman of the zoning board) must have trustingly signed his write-up without referring back to the transcripts. When we neighbors, at a requested meeting with Mr. Specht and Mr. Alan Berman (another town attorney), pointed out the discrepancies, Mr. Specht refused to correct the mistakes. He is an attorney. We neighbors are not attorneys. He knew that by that time we had no legal recourse to challenge what he wrote.
But we do have recourse in the voting booth! 
By publicizing how he was instrumental in devastating our neighborhood, we are doing our civic duty to protect our town and other innocent taxpayers. Our whole neighborhood is working against his being elected. The establishment is spreading lies about A New Direction candidates saying they are from Preserve Ramapo and are anti-Semites. We met with Shani Bechhofer and were assured that none of the three candidates have any Preserve Ramapo ties. They are truly motivated to save our town. Please help us spread the word to vote for Weber, Bechhofer, Valentine and Michael Koplen as Judge to finally take the Town of Ramapo in a new, honest direction.
Please go out to vote for Weber, Bechhofer, Valentine and Michael Koplen as Judge on November 7th as every vote counts!
Concerned Citizens of the Augusta, Treetop, Grove Neighborhood
The Ebsteins                      The Rubensteins              The Tresses
The Friedmans                  The Schwabs                      The Wengers
The Kreitmans                   The Scharfers
The Rabinowitzes            The Tillims


Anonymous said...

Rabbi Schwab did NOT sign or consent to this letter !!

Anonymous said...

As a longtime Monsey resident, I am fed up with what has been going on in Ramapo. I will be voting forWeber, Bechhofer, Valentine and Michael Koplen as Judge

Dusiznies said...

It didn't say "Rabbi Schwab" it said "The Schwabs" .... and what does Rabbi Schwab want??? Is he for for more "ripping out trees" on 306 or elseware? Is he for children getting killed because the developers have decided not to build playgrounds and build to the curb ....and so kids run out in the street?
Or is he for more traffic on 306 and Route 59 etc????
So Rabbi Schwab stands for development without a cheshbon?
It seems you know ...because you know that Rabbi Schwab didn't sign this!

Anonymous said...

as one who has attended many meetings about zoning. I as many others have witnessed the board has already made the decision to give the them the rights to destoy our town . we all know its about ... .we will be left with a sewer system that was made to handle single fam. homes that can not handle the amount of sewage from all this overbuilding.the money is in the builders pockets and all others payed to allow this. the upgrades needed will be payed by us there are other problems created by this overbuilding that is more obvious.. such as the road system that was ok for a suburb but is clearly not capable of the amount of traffic created by this overbuilding the list can go on and do not be afraid to vote for this team.wait and see the scare tactics the other side will use.when you see signs all over for the Ullman group just know they are supported by the builders they are repeating the same pattern as those that suppoted the clowns we have now.

Anonymous said...

if you are told this group will be tough on schools. wait and see what occurs when we are not alittle tough on schools in my area schools are in private houses back to back with houses that pay close to 30000 in taxes

Anonymous said...

The same folks who got their zoning variances to build their segregated, High density housing in was once a single family zoned area.