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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Obama kicks Jews in the heart minutes before Trump's Inauguration

 איש צר ואוייב אובמה הרע הזה

Obama's last look at White House

The Obama administration sent $221 million to the Palestinian Authority on Friday as President Obama prepared to leave the White House for the last time, The Associated Press reports.

The outgoing administration formally notified Congress of the decision just hours before President Trump was inaugurated.

Congress had initially approved the spending. But two House Republicans, Reps. Ed Royce (Calif.), who serves as the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Kay Granger (Texas), who is on the powerful Appropriations Committee, put holds on the aid money because the Palestinian Authority was seeking membership in international organizations.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry notified some lawmakers about the decision to release the money on Thursday, the AP reports.

The $221 million sent to the Palestinian Authority is intended to provide humanitarian aid in ares such as Gaza and the West Bank, as well as to support political reforms there.
The Obama administration also notified lawmakers on Friday that it would release $6 million in foreign spending, with $4 million of it going to programs to fight climate change and $1.25 million to United Nations organizations.
Trump has voiced skepticism about climate change in the past and has criticized the U.N.


Anonymous said...

Not sure Hillary would of been better.

Anonymous said...

Kicking Zionists is not considered kicking Jews, and as of his last deed with the money transfer I'm absolutely not shocked after what the Zionist mafia regime did to him, as i already said before ALL the problems and antisemitism nowadays are directly a result of Zionism and the atheistic Nazi-zionist mafia regime

Anonymous said...

You are living in fantasy world

Normal said...

Mr. Anti Zionist!
I wonder who revealed this to you?
Was the holocaust also due to Zionisim? What about Chelminitzky Tach Vetat, the Spanish Inquisition and all of the other tragedies that befell am Yisroel, what as the cause for those?
While we can perhaps believe that something may be right, wrong or partially correct, we do not know why things happen in this world.
Your comment reflects small mindness

AishKodesh said...

Normal, correct.

Anonymous said...

BH not me, someone who denies facts is fantasizing