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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Satmar Rebbe says Israel to blame for murder of Jews

Harav R' aron TeitelBUM bashing his fellow Jews!
Jews, unfortunately have been massacred and murdered for thousands of years, and the majority of the Jews murdered all occurred before we had a State and an army.

But this disgusting ingrate, who is being protected by the IDF on his visit to the Zionist State babbles like a drunk ape that Jews being murdered is the fault of the Zionists...and the fault of the settlers!

Haven't we heard this before from the Nazis and the Arab murderers? 

Just yesterday  Pew polled Israelis that said that the Settlers are actually protecting the mainland ... by being a buffer!

This lunatic goes and antagonizes  the goyim in Monroe by annexing hundreds of acres near Kiryas Yoel, and he chastises Israel!

Read the following from Arutz Sheva.
As Satmar Rebbe Aharon Teitelbum visits followers in Israel, the Hasidic leader offered his views on the ongoing wave of Arab terror attacks inside Israel that have claimed dozens of lives and left hundreds wounded.

Satmar, known as one of the most staunchly anti-Zionist Hasidic sects, refuses to recognize the State of Israel and calls on members living in Israel not to vote in national elections, even for haredi parties.

While noting his sympathies for victims of terror attacks, Teitelbum pointed the finger of blame at Israel, condemning settlers for bring “hatred and suffering” onto Jews worldwide.
“Heaven help us,” 

Teitelbum told followers, “we need a lot of [divine] protection in the Land of Israel every single day. The Jewish people all over the world suffer when tragedy strikes in Israel. The Jewish people prays for the peace of Jerusalem and for the people of the Children of Israel. It hurts us terribly when there are victims [of terror].”

“With that said”, he continued, “let’s speak clearly against antagonizing the world, and against all those settlers, who bring so much hatred and suffering onto the Jewish people not only here, but all over the world.”

Teitelbum also blasted the Israeli army, and Israel’s haredi political parties.

“The [religious] leaders in the Land of Israel need to reveal their positions about going to the army and what it means to go to the army. Thank God, Haredi Judaism, which doesn’t participate in elections, has no share in any of this.”


Anonymous said...

DIN, don't understand why you take this deranged Jew hating lunatic seriously,even his so called chasidim laugh in his face and have absolute contempt for him.

DIN,believe me a drunken bum passed out on the gutters of the Bowery and wallowing in his own vomit is taken more seriously than this Jew hating piece of human garbage

Echter yid said...

Who cares what,aron tietelbaum says, that's the problem,? It's like the,,as more you talk from Donald trump, as more you bash him, stronger he gets in the polls,,same thing over here, we made the satmar rebbes strong, because we keep talking about them, and we are constantly busy talking about what they said,,we definitely should ignore them totally, and not keep talking about them in the mikvas, and in the coffee rooms,,and in shull, and in the streets, its vomiting already to hear about them,,

Anonymous said...

More proof that aron is a vile, despicable, hateful, low life piece of garbage. The RBSO will pay him back for all this.

Anonymous said...

It's not he/him or whoever's personal opinion, that's exactly what the Torah warns us the Jewish nation in the tochacha what's going to happen if KY will do exactly what's being done nowadays in EY, and that's exactly unfortunately what's happening
And yes Jews were killed for the past almost two thousand years and actually were exiled from EY for the same reason, but the way how the killings are happening and the uncontrollable situation, is clearly the fulfilment of ANI MATIR ES BESARCHEM, and those who don't believe it are apikorsim and will join the palaces of Stalin yoshka and all sonei Hashem, and no bibi won't be able to help you actually he will join you donkeys

Dusiznies said...

Stop reading your Rebbe's comic book Al hagilah!
You upgerissinar naar...
Your Rebbe was ungrateful to the Zionist Kastner who saved his butt!

Echter yid said...

Wrong uniform, the aronim, are real burned yankees,, so just change reb arons uniform, to a Yankee uniform,? They don't miss a game, the aronim are yankee fans,

Chusid said...

For two thousand years Jews are being slaughtered. God forbid. What are u propagating non sense.
Plus this who who made Aliyah were spared Auchwits. and those who were mislead by staying in Europe got decimated. When are u going to flee your bunker mentality.

Romanisher Ferd said...

Update the picture to show the Munkatcher at Shortstop.

In Telz Cleveland he played that position & earned the nickname Shorty.

Echter yid said...

Maby in telz Cleveland he earned the nickname shorty,,but in Boro park he earned the nickname ,munkatcher,rebbe the billionaire,,