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Monday, March 14, 2016

Satmar Craziness Continues: No More Birthday Parties for Girls!

Satmar idiocy is forging ahead ... with no end in sight! 
If I lived another thousand years I couldn't possibly come with with these demented ideas! 

From now on little Satmar girls will watch their male siblings have birthday parties, but not them ... they don't exist except for being brought up to serve as baby machines to perpetuate the cause, just like ISIS!

The letter from Bais Ruchel, the Satmar girl school, mentions that "our grand mothers never had birthday parties"

Well, out grandmothers never shaved their heads either! 


Anonymous said...

Hey Nazi Ben Nazi
Where in this notice does it say that only girls are not allowed to have birthday parties and boys are allowed?
And BH you won't live a thousand years actually you won't even live the normal and average years of normal human beings because you're not a human you're some mixed breed, and secondly your disgusting demeanor and hate will backfire on you much sooner and suddenly than you imagine HARBA SHLUCHIM UDERACHIM LAMOKOM

Anonymous said...

And btw I'll say it again, it's irrelevant if you do or don't publish my comments, the fact of the matter is THE TORAH IS A NITZCHIYES AND EACH AND EVERY LETTER FROM IT WILL BE FULFILLED TO THE FULLEST NO MATTER IF YOU LIKE/AGREE/ADMIT OR PUBLISH IT OR NOT

Anonymous said...

But of course you can send your 12 year old daughters to unlicensed therapists (Weberman) hired by BAIS RUCHEL and have them abused and raped, and when finally caught and brought to justice ,have the community raise money and rally in defense of the filthy rapist.
What a filthy disgusting criminally insane savage barbarian community has evolved from Satmar

Miriam377 said...

Some of our grandmothers never went to Bais Yaakov, Some of our grandmothers never went to pizza shops, some of our grandmothers didn't make Shabbos or Yom Tov. Why can't a girl celebrate until she turns 12?

Echter yid said...

Because I live in Williamsburg Brooklyn I can say and I can see clearly how ( keeping girls like in a cage ) affected them entirely, ( mentally and physically) you see it after this locked up satmar girls are getting married,, how they dress after marriage,? The frumstah satmar vieble even who will go covered, who will wear shpitzlech,?,will go with short skirts, and heavy lipstick, with heavy makeup,,colord blue and white eyebrows and eyelids,,keeping girls like in a cage,? Is fully busting on them, that ,they give it out after marriage, fact, we are talking here about frum Satmar married woman from /Williamsburg/ and from/kiryas joel/, Williamsburg looks nothing but nothing better than any other Jewish Hasidic places when it comes to tzeniois,? The woman are becoming the worst of the worst, in Williamsburg Brooklyn, We are holding already in a time where a married Hasidic man can not step into a grocery in Williamsburg Brooklyn And not be machshil,of looking on other Hasidic married woman? ((sluts))? the woman ((vieblech)) are coming in to the grocery like they just came out of a strip club,? I wish I wouldn't have to talk like that,? but unfortunately its a fact,and I always ask my wife, why is ,zalman libe satmar claiming that he is satmar rebbe in Williamsburg Brooklyn, when Williamsburg looks like this,? I have a question for everyone, why would a frum frum woman walk in to a grocery with short skirt, thick lipstick, thick makeup, colord eyebrows and eyelids, (a Hasidic married woman who walks in to a grocery like that in Williamsburg Brooklyn is hungry that someone should look at her ) because if she would feel happy with herself and ,and she would constantly get compliments from her husband how nice she looks,? Such a married woman would never ever have to walk on the streets or into a grocery and look like a slut,

Echter yid said...

As more stricter laws and stricter enforcement you put on the satmar girls more worse they will get its a fact,?once they become engaged they feel the relief arrived And one day but one day right after marriage, they feel like a free person, ? out of the satmar crazy cages,? but the damage is well done,? the young generations. Don't want to know anything about, frumkiet, they want to look how they want to look, they want to dress how they want to dress, and nobody is able to stop this problem,? bottom line is it all comes down to because,,satmar kept the girls like ,Taliban style, locked in cages, and ruled on them with tuff rules,