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Monday, March 21, 2016

Rav Yitzchak Zilberstein says that the late Rav Wosner is "Paskening from the Heavens"

There is something in the water, folks.... no question! ...

Now we have a well respected "rational" Rav that says that the Egged 402 Bus accident happened because woman drive (even though the Bus Driver was a man) and he basis it on a psak from someone who is no longer alive and paskening "from the heavens"????????????
People want to know if Rav Wosner z"l is in heaven, how did he get to know about it?

He writes that if women drive they will be exposed to "sites and marketplace?" 
How about if they ride on a bus, won't that expose them to "sites and the marketplace?"
And aren't Tznius issues more prevalent in the buses then in a private car?

In Monsey, the "Community Connections" a magazine widely distributed, wants women and girls to hide in their very own houses on Purim, because Elderly Rabbonim and Bochrim may come to the house and get turned on!

I have a suggestion, why don't we just ship all women off to Gaza!

During a talk in beis medrash, Rav Zilberstein explained he has been approached by many people seeking an explanation of the Egged 402 bus accident that resulted in such tragedy for so many families.

Rabbi Zilberstein quotes the kuntres Rachmei HaRav from HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Halevy Wosner ZT”L, in which Rav Wosner writes women should not get a drivers license. He explains that while this is somewhat commonplace today, it is not advised for the actual process of obtaining the license results in compromising her modesty as does actual driving of a vehicle by a woman for this exposes her to sites in the streets and marketplace.

“וליבי אומר לי שהוא אחד הגורמים של האסונות הגדולים שנעשים בדרכים בארץ ישראל המפילים כל כך חללים והרגו כבר טובים וצדיקים וזה מצורף לכל העבירות הנעשים בדרכים שמולידים המחבלים שמסכנים הדרכים”.

The kuntres adds “My heart tells me this is one of the causes of major catastrophes on the roadways of Eretz Yisrael that claim so many lives including many fine people, tzaddikim, and this coupled with the many [traffic] aveiros that made the roadways so dangerous”.

Rabbi Zilberstein adds as Posek Hador, Rav Wosner is giving piskei halacha from Shomayim and this is one of the causes that so many good people are killed.
He adds Rav Wosner in some exceptional cases permitted women to drive, for example a sick child in one’s home and a child with special needs that requires transportation to and from an institution but these exceptions were rare.


Anonymous said...

Years ago I went to hear this Rov speak in Bnei Brock and thought he was fantastic. I think he is married to Rov Elyashiv's daughter and he is considered a Gadol. It's very disappointing to read this.
Why are the Gadolim always concerned about women and their tznius and their driving and giving women musar? Is it because they want to control women? I guess they have given up on the men....

Brisker said...

Not quite sure I understand the tayna.

Most chassidussen in NY do not allow women to drive. In EY there is a higher standard in general for many things which does not apply to NY.

Looking at women during tzedokah collecting is something brought down in very old poskim from 100s of years ago. This is nothing new. Nothing wrong with an admonition of "kik nisht" or don't be conspicuous as you would be scared out of your wits if you knew some of the obscure Chazals describing the oynshim for looking & being meharher.

william gran said...

I don't know it seems sex is all they ever talk about sick ppl

OU Eyepopper said...

Menachem Genack hugging & kissing Hillary

Abe said...

Want to know why this shlemazzel thinks Rav Wosner is paskening from shomayim?
Well last year just before Yom Kipur the shlemazzel was walking home from the mikva in Mea Shearim when a pigeon sitting on a branch pooped on his head. Right away he thought that this was a "paskening from shomayim" that his mikva dip wasn't k'halacha. From then on the shlemazzel began hearing voices from shomayim.
One of those voices was from Rav Wosner.
Now you know.

Anonymous said...

Simple solution. Have all the women dress up like men so the men wont get turned on when then come to collect money on purim. Problem solved!

Echter yid said...

Unfortunately since the passing of one of the biggest geonim in our times (our mechiten rav shmuel halievi wosner,zatzal) people started to use and abuse his name, they started to say stuff on his name what he never ever had said that in his entire life time, I will be giving and example, when rav wosner passed away (suddenly the satmar zulis in Williamsburg Brooklyn ) had came out with huge huge posters in the streets of Williamsburg that rav wosner once said that the (eruv in Williamsburg is not a kosher eruv) but as long rav wosner was well and alive there was never ever any rumors at all that rav wosner had ever said anything about any eruv especially out of Israel, especially a eruv what he was not able to see with his own eyes if its kosher or not,? and especially when he tried his entire life not to be involved or to be mixed in in any politics at all, but suddenly when he passed away some satmar zuli shmucks had the guts and the chutzpah to smear his holy name and came out with huge huge posters that rav wosner once said that the Williamsburg eruv was never ever a kosher eruv, and the tzibur of Williamsburg should try not to carry on Shabbat in Williamsburg,with this (eruv), but as soon as the wosner family became aware of the posters what some satmar shmucks had hanged up in Williamsburg Brooklyn on his name, they did send around people to tear down and to ripp apart every poster what was hanging around in Williamsburg ( in the name of their holy father ) so from this story we could learn how anyone could say stuff in the name of a person who is unfortunately not with us anymore,,