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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Rav Samuels "Speaks" at a rally in Kikar Shabbos

Is he screeching like a burnt cat because Mosdois HaTorah in New York took millions of dollars in  federal funds to have their buildings wired for the internet?

Was he screaming like a lunatic because Rabbonim are molesting children?

Was he crying bitter tears  because Jews are being murdered in the streets of Yerushalyim?

Nope! Guess again?

Give up? 
Ok take a seat and a deep breath!

He was yelling and screeching because Frum Jewish Children are finally doing the right thing and joining the IDF to protect their family, their country and protecting Rabbi Samuels from getting his head chopped off by ISIS!

I am telling you ... these guys are going off the deep end!

I'm surprised that no one called the guys in white to put him into a straight jacket to ship him off to the funny farm!

And what is the biggest surprise is, that people are all sitting or standing listening to this maniac with straight faces!
Someone with guts should have taken a pie and smashed his face with it ... it would have been a Kiddush Hashem!


Anonymous said...

Here you see the result of a lifetime based on schnorring. When a community schnorrs for its livelihood, eventually it becomes as mindless as a colony of spiders. A parasite has no use for a mind except to help a man to breathe and go to the bathroom and so on. This man has no seichal. This hysterical screeching maniac was once a man with a brain, but he never used it for anything besides schnorring. So his mind withered away and instead of a man he is an hysterical screeching maniac. When you live to schnorr and schnorr to live, you go crazy and become mindless as is proven by this video.

Anonymous said...

Adolph Hitler Yms reincarnated

Anonymous said...

can't believe this guys name is Samuels, all the Samuels I know are normal. This guy is a raving lunatic.

Anonymous said...

He just has his yearly colonoscopy done. Give him a day or two to get back to himself