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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Rav Chaim Kanievsky schnorring from Satmar for Mosad Chazon Ish

I guess the Litvaks couldn't care less if the Mosdos that the Chazon Ish established go down the drain! 
Or it could be that no litvak works in Bnei Brak and so "bein berirah" they put their heads between their knees and went begging to R' Aron Teitelbaum for a couple shekels!

The problem is that R' Chaim went to the wrong brother.... it's R' Zalman Leib that distributes money to the Mosdos that refuse to take money from the Zionists!
The Schnor letter is addressed to R' Aron, who must be laughing his head off!
Also R' Chaim doesn't explicitly ask for money .... he is asking for "Mayim Chayim"
I'm not kidding! 
So R' Aron will probably deliver a truckload of Mayim Chaim soda, when he arrives in the Zionist State next week to visit Zionist Meron!

My advice to R' Chaim Kanievsky? 
Take the money from the Zionists like all Mosdos Ha'Torah, do! 
If you are going to rely on the anti-Zionist Hungarians ... you'll be schnorring every month...and they will hold you over a barrel!
By the way, Reb Chaim, the money doesn't come from Satmar it comes from all the US Programs ...


Echter yid said...

To you with respect(dus iz nies) let me learn you a little bit the politics,? when you will be coming to a (satmar aroni) ceremony yull only find, bear mayim,soda, because the owner of,,bear mayim,,and his entire family are burned aronis, vice versa by the zalonim, by the (satmar zalonim) yull only find mayim chayim soda, because the owner of mayim chayim is a crazy zaloni,

Echter yid said...

So if reb chayim kanievsky wants mayim chayim,? He must go to zoli,? but in order to get the (green stuff) the green mayim chayim from zoli,? He will have (1) to admit that he doesn't take,shekulim, from the triefene medinah,? (2) he will have to have a speeding escort to zoli with lots of speeding cars with flashing cherry lights, and passing through all red lights and with breaking every speed limits on the roads?,and making sure that he puts every single driver on the road in grave danger,? This will be the fastest way how he will be able to get from zoli some,,green mayim chayim,

Anonymous said...

Worse comes to worse if there's a shortage of the whatever mayim he could always take some pishechtzvasser btw pope Francis Steinman would definitely give a hecsher