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Sunday, March 20, 2016

R' Dovid Ahronowitz z"l Pulled from Hudson River

57 days after he was last seen alive, the body of the New Square man, Dovid Ahronowitz, has been recovered by the NYPD.
Yanky Meyer of Misaskim confirmed that the body of the missing 46 year old man was pulled from the Hudson River yesterday by members of a Bronx NYPD precinct and positively identified by dental records as the New Square resident this morning.
Members of the Chasidic community have been searching the Hudson River for weeks, In addition to hiring private divers and sophisticated equipment, searchers brought in the Skverer Dayan to perform a segula to find drowning victims, which pointed them to a particular spot near the George Washington Bridge.  The body of missing man was located near that area

“We have been out there searching every day,” said volunteer Heshy Gottdiener 
“We have had this on our head 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” added volunteer Yossi Margaretten.  “This is a big relief for us and the family can finally get comfort and sit shiva.  It is sad, but a big step.”
The unseasonably warm weather has caused water temperatures to rise, making conditions more favorable for bodies to surface.  Meyer said that four other bodies have been recovered from the Hudson over the past week.
The levaya will take place this afternoon in New Square


Anonymous said...

There have been quiet a few suicides involving residents and former residence in that evil dictatorship called New Square.
Duvid'l Twersky has a lot of Jewish blood on his dirty hands.
Hope to see the day when the oppressed residents in Skver do like the people in other oppressed lands like in Egypt, Libya,and like in the former iron curtain countries and rise up against this tyrannical evil monster and send him packing

Anonymous said...

A few weeks before he walked in to a Monsey store where I work and asked for work while I have no say in the matter and it was obvious he wasn't well yet perhaps more needs to be done for such individuals.

Anonymous said...

Cannon ballllllll!