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Saturday, March 12, 2016

R' Aron Teitelbaum drinks Zionist Wine!


Echter yid said...

Doesn't the grapes have worms,? I remember last year,satmar, came out right before Passover ( with a kol korah ) that people shouldn't drink hiemisha/ must/ and hiemisha /wine/ on Passover,,because they found worm, in the grapes,, so all the wine suchrim suddenly screwed up the prices of the,/ wine/ and the must/,,like crazy ( claiming why they went up with the prices of the wine and must,? is that their wine and their ,must, was made with grapes what was /washed/,soaked/,and /checked/ for worms,) but everybody was wondering why did satmar came out with the rumours about the grapes right before Passover,? Why not in middle of the year,?, why right before Passover,? Because the wine sochrim should be able to make a business out of it? and ripp of the poor tzibur right before Passover?? So not only did we had to check the ,lettuce for murror,but the grapes to ,? And we paid a hefty price to be able to drink wine or must for Passover,

Anonymous said...

He looks like a scarecrow