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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Only Satmar is allowed to cut off someones beard & peyois

The headline of Der Blutah, the Yiddish weekly of the Ahroni faction of the Satmar brothers, reads
"IDF Cuts Off the Beard & Peyois of a Yeminite boy in jail for failing to register for the draft"

I am not sure if the story is even true.......True, that there is an issue with the IDF requirements for recruits to shave when they serve in the IDF! And the Chareidie parties in the Knesset are dealing with the problem. But in this case, the boy wasn't even in the army, he was in jail!
After searching all Israeli newspapers, there is not one shred of evidence, as of this writing, that there is any credibility to the story.

Be that as it may, one thing is certain, that the Satmars in 1977, cut the beard and payos off Chabad Chassidim, just like the Nazis!
That is a fact!
And should this story be true, then the IDF had good teachers .... the Satmar barbarians!


Anonymous said...

Yes i vividly remember back in the early 80's when these animals grabbed Reb Mendel Vechter a former Satmarer who saw the light and turned into a CHABAD chasid and mashpiah,they beat him to a pulp and cut off his beard,they did the exact same thing to Rabbi Korf in Williamsburg for the sin of teaching TANYAH twice a week in WLSBG, By the way one of the animals involved was non other than the infamous Nechemia Weberman yemach shemo the Satmarer unlicensed therapist and child rapist who is rotting now in jail for the rest of his worthless life.
DIN,keep up your good work and keep pounding these Romanian gypsy animals and let the world know and realize what kind of worthless animals we are dealing with

Anonymous said...

Hey Nazi Ben Nazi
You're not even sure if the story is true etc and after searching all Israeli bla bla bla, you piece of scum drek ben shit, you didn't see because you don't want to see, but unfortunately this week there was more than one news articles regarding this issue, but of course you see bad things only when it's about frum Jews and specially satmar but when it's about chazir fressers and atheists you're blind, that's what it means MATZDIG RASHA AND MARSHIA TZADDIK AND ONLY SOMEONE WHO'S MIZERA EISUV AND EYRAV RAV COULD GET SO LOW

Anonymous said...