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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Monroe Satmar Rebbe Prohibits Chassidim fromThanking Zionist Doctors that treat them!

Continuing in the footsteps of the founder of the Satmar Dynasty that had absolutely no "Hakoras Hatoiv" to the Zionist Rudulf Kastner, that saved him from the Nazi murderers, R' Aron Teitelbum, the present successor, instructed his sheep not to thank Zionist Doctors or Soldiers that treat or help them in any way, while they were in the Zionist "Medinah!"

The "rebbe" if you want to call him that, even prohibited his maniacal followers from tipping any waiter or cab driver, because if they do tip, the money will find itself in the "medinah's coffiers" G-D Forbid!

His crazed reasoning is:
 "הקמת המדינה היא נגד גזירת הגלות שגזר הקדוש ברוך על ישראל עד ביאת משיח".

"the establishment of the State is against the decree of  Exile that the RBS"O on the Jews, until the coming of the Messiah"

This idea is basically Christian, who believe that Jews cannot have a government until the "second coming""

The 6 million Jews that live in the State of Israel, is proof positive that he and his fellow Christians are absolutely wrong!

The hypocritical Satmar Leader, who is married to a Hebrew speaking Zionist, was in Israel last week to spend Shabbos in Meron with thousands of his Chasssidim and was protected by Zionist Soldiers throughout his stay, who treated him with the utmost respect... 

He warned those chassidim that needed medical attention that they shouldn't chas ve'shaolom thank the attending Zionist physician!
And he warned his sheep not to discuss anything with any Zionist that might be construed favorably towards the State! 

These are the teachings of the of the Satmar Romanians!
Our sources tell us the the FBI officers that are rifling thru the records of the Satmar Mosdos in Monroe are not Zionist!


Anonymous said...

What a Nucking Fut Job. And to think that he has followers. Their brains must be retarded. Maybe that explains all the sex deviancies in the Satmar shtetl world. ARe these people really Jewish? Or are they gypsies that mixed with a few Yidden many years ago and it got all mixed up?

Anonymous said...

F him, F reb yoel, and F the whole sick satmar sect.

Romanisher Ferd said...

I thought you were going to beat up on Zalmi today. FBI sources are now telling the media that they ripped apart UTA & the girls school yesterday.

Poor Hertz Frenkel must be hiding above the Beis Ruchel ceiling tiles.

Sam Kay said...

שום הכרת טוב ... כמו רבנו הקדוש והטהור ...