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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Massive Chillul Shabbos in Meron occupied by Satmar Israel Haters!

Never in it's entire history has  Meron been subjected to  such Chillul Shabbos!
Rumor has it that Satmar hired a goy from Monroe  to photograph the entire Shabbos!

Satmar instigates the goyim in Bloominberg and in Monroe by annexing entire acres, and then this hypocrite screams his gibberish that the State of Israel is responsible for all the stabbings because it exists!

Satmar has a SHIT'ah that Jews cannot make Aliyah until Moshiach comes, a theory that they fabricated themselves!
It seems that the holy Ramban, Reb Yehuda HaChusid, the Talmedei Hagra the Talmedei Baal Shem, all made Aliyah ... and never heard about this crazy theory!

And now they violate shabbos in one of the holiest places on earth. 
Let's all scream "Shabbos" Shabbos"  


Echter yid said...

Come on and stop complaining, it looks like that a rebbe is aloud to do what ever they feel is good for them,? when it comes to the chasidim they will always say no no its usser,?, but when it comes to the rebbe? Its different because the rebbe is the, koach hakedisha,? And its totally a different gemurah, its a different story, pekuach nefesh docha Shabbat,

shvantz said...

I think DIN has a special software program that superimposes Aron Teitelbaum on to every shlepperish looking schmo.

Miss Manners said...

Until I understood DIN was complaining about chilul Shabbos I identified a different chilul Hashem of the shtupping & fressing with bare hands.

Anonymous said...

one word... satmar chilul shabbos??? DUUUH!