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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lone IDF Soldier Goes on American Local TV to Talk About Her Decision to Enlist


Sam Kay said...

This young woman is an example par excellence ...
Milchemet Mitzvah even Choson & Kallah are to enlist into the army ... In Israel it is even more than a mitzvah ... it is a Milchemes Chova ... defending the nation from our enemies ...

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful soul,putting her life on hold for three years and putting her very life on the line in order to help defend our God given Eretz yisroel and it's people.
I have no doubt in my mind that after 120 in the OLAM HAEMES
this exalted NESHAMA will be in a much higher place than the so called RABBOMIN and ROSHAI HAYESHIVAS and KOLLEL guys who used the TORAH as an excuse for not sharing in the burden of defending their own families and their God given land.
DIN,thanks a million for sharing this heart warming beautiful story.

Anonymous said...

Sam Kay- see in the Radbaz what that means. It doesnt meant they go fight.
Chaim S.- I have no doubt in my mind that you have a terrible hate for the Chashuva Lomdei Torah and gedolei Yisroel and disagree with chazal--talmud torah kneged Kulam.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.44 PM
Yes you are right,i absolutely despise and loath cowardly Jews who tell their fellow brothers and sisters"you and your children go and put your lives in danger and shed your blood in defending me and my family" because we are better than you and therefore our blood is more RED and more important because we are TALMIDEI CHACHACHIM.
This is nothing but EVIL INSANITY,which is against HALACHA and decency and MENTCHLICHKEIT (doubt if you know the meaning of that word).
contrast this with the holy boys of the HESDER yeshivas who have a gun in one hand and a GEMARA in the other one and defend their God given land with their very lives and their TORAH