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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hashem helping the Zionists collapse the Gaza Tunnels .... Arabs now fear the tunnels that they themselves built!.

Satmar thinks that it's not Hashem or Israel that's behind the collapses but ...... get this .... it's the Sitra Achrah!

According to the Holy Rabbi of Satmar, R' Yoel, Hashem performs no miracles for the Zionists but uses the "devil" that he calls the Sitra Achrah and the Sitra Achrah does all the miracles but does so in a way that  confuses the Jews all over the world into thinking that it's actually G-D that is helping the Jews ... Chas Ve' sholem!

The Rebbe during the 6 day war in June of 1967 said in his Shalosh Seudeh toirelech that the reason that the Zionists were able to overcome the tremendous odds against the murderous Arab armies, was not because  G-D was performing miracles and helping them overcome the enemy ..... nooooooooooooooo!
It was the "Sitra Achrah" because according to his reasoning, Hashem would never perform a miracle for a Zionist! Instead he wants the Jews to be confused and think it's Hashem that's doing the miracles but in reality it is the Satan himself ..
Then in a rant he screamed that the Zionist's are saying it's not G-D that is doing the miracles, but claiming that it's the strength of the IDF "Koichee Ve'Otzem Yadi"  ...
but aren't they agreeing with Satmar ..???
The Zionists are in total agreement with the Satmar Rebbe!
Both are saying that G-D didn't help ....

Don't feel stupid, if you don't follow this demented understanding, no one can possibly follow this reasoning unless you come from the Carpathian Mountains in MarMerosh!

Hamas operatives are afraid to enter underground tunnels in the Gaza Strip, fearing that they will collapse, The Jerusalem Post has learned from Palestinian sources.
In addition, some of the operatives digging the tunnels believe that Israel was involved in at least some of the recent tunnel collapses that claimed the lives of several Hamas men. 
The most recent collapse occurred on Thursday afternoon when a tunnel collapsed in Khan Younis, killing one Hamas operative. The collapse marked the sixth such tunnel collapse in recent months - the highest number of collapses to have occurred since summer 2014’s Operation Protective Edge.
Official reports, both in Israel and Gaza, describe collapses caused by recent storms and heavy rains. However, among Hamas and others, there are many who believe that Israel is responsible.
Hamas operatives have seen Israeli activities near the Gaza border fence against tunnels and fear that they are connected to the tunnel collapses. Some of the activists have even spoken of the methods which Israel is supposedly using to cause the tunnels to collapse.
One Hamas operative claimed that Israel is using liquid explosives to cause the collapses, while another operative expressed fears of Israel’s ability to cause localized earthquakes which could also collapse the tunnels.
Hamas has mentioned the IDF’s Yahalom elite Combat Engineering Corps unit which has special anti-tunnel measures, and the Oketz canine unit which sends trained dogs into the tunnels.
Senior Hamas officials have paid condolence calls to those killed in the tunnel collapses, but have refused to give the bereaved families further information on the incidents. 
According to the mother of one of the tunnel victims, Hamas would only say that the collapse was caused by the weather, but failed to elaborate and maintained secrecy.
The leadership of Hamas apparently cannot prevent the collapse of the tunnels and recently, Hamas leader in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh claimed that Israeli technology has been discovered underground.


Echter yid said...

Absolutely hashem is helping us,he loves us, and wouldn't let anyone who is planning to harm us to be able to carry out there plans,? Hashem is absolutely behind this tunnel collapsing,? And its only the beginning,? Hashem has lots of surprises for us in the store,? And this punks ,Hamas, they will have their ,mapulah, still before purim,? Its chodesh adur,

Anonymous said...

Idiot how come Hashem doesn't help the daily stabbing victims? And no there's no miracles at all, it's a known secret that the Israelis are doing it, but it's interesting that the mighty Israeli idf are lost and farkakta and can do nothing against the terrorists, and who are those terrorists? A bunch of little kids and all of a sudden no miracles

Dusiznies said...

Where was Hashem's miracles when Hitler deported all Jews from Satmar?
I see that Hashem laughed at the Satmar Rebbe when he told his sheep that "Hitler would never reach Romania"
And it turns out that all the Zionists that were in Israel were saved!

Anonymous said...

The tragedy of WWII was a gezeira mishomayim and according to the warning of the Chofetz Chaim and his holy talmid Reb Elchonon Wasserman who warned way before the war that Zionism will cause a holocaust and specifically the Hungarian Jewish deportations were directly the fault of the Zionist murderers
But of course there was a miracle that Hashem saved the Satmar Ruv zy"o and thanks to him being around Torah is blooming again all over the world
Go travel to Berlin this Wednesday and see for yourself what Zionism had in plan for all of Klal yisroel

Dusiznies said...

Yes it was a "gezeira mishomayi" and not only did the Chafetz Chayim warn about the impending doom, so did the Kadosh Zev Jabotinski who begged the Jews in Europe to make Aliyah..
The Satmar Ruv was saved by a Zionist ... in the Zionist Kastner train...

R' Elchonon Wasserman z"l didn't listen to Zev jobtinski and didn't actually believe what the Chofetz Chayim was predicting, because if he did, he never would have returned to Europe from the USA to his unnecessary death!
I am going to leave the traveling to Berlin to you and the rest of the self hating Jews, I for one, will never step on that tumedike ground!